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Since there's a limited number of slots for vendors, might I suggest we get ranks there as well? At the moment I have 4 vendors, which is crazy, I know, but there's so much loot to sell, and it fetches money as well, so... I suggest Poor is as today, Common is double, rare triple, and epic quadruple. That way there will be more room for those that only want to sell the odd stuff. But don't make them more than double the cost for each rank-increase, that wouldn't help the situation. Why do I need so many? One is selling good blue armor, and is almost full. One sells good blue weapons and still have some room. One sells Artifact binds and is completely full. And the last one sells the odd stuff. Do I make money? Yes! What do I use the money on? As of now, not much, since I got most things I need. Earlier today I had 85000 gold, bought a vendor and cheap armor and weapons (people really have to start understanding what good blue armor and weapons are worth).

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On 4/16/2020 at 1:02 PM, Angelhearth said:

suggest Poor is as today, Common is double, rare triple, and epic quadruple

You mean more slots for stocked items + slightly increased fee at each crafted vendor rank? That sounds like a good idea :)


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