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Arbiter Needs Some Adjustment


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Arbiter needs some rework. Assuming the retaliate bug will be fixed one day what does Arbiter really bring to the table? Literally every one of its roles are better accomplished by another class.


1. The CC intensity abilities are trash points. The value they add are negligible. It's roughly 5 talent points that your forced to take and tricks players into thinking they matter. Retaliate when working correctly will be almost spammable when you include the cc immune proc. These nodes need to include some other stat to give more value to the promotion.

2. This node suggests you want Arbiter to be a support healer. But the other tools in the tree dont support this. You end up with lackluster healing stats and abilities. Something more like the Archdruid tree would be better, a node with both SP and AP. A little better idea would be to create a hard choice, you can choose either AP or SP but not both. Or maybe you can add AP into one of the CC intensity nodes.

3. Big Hand of Gods is rather lackluster.The increased size adds little value when the number of people it can hit is still limited to the same as the normal one. Increasing the number of people it can hit would add value. Or instead of making it a larger area instead increase its damage/duration.

4. Holy Symbol being limited to 3 enemies knockdowns is kind of insulting. Hellfire Blast and Fire Tornadoes are limited to 5 even for the non CC promos. Increase the number of people it can knockdown in its radius.

5. Divine Order is such a garbage ult compared to every other class. Having a 30s cooldown is junk and the barrier is negligible, literally every dps class can burn through it with ease before the cooldown ends. It's bad on the Radical too.

6. What a trash "upgrade" to illuminate. Make it give you a buff that for "x" seconds your hammers stun or snare or something more useful than a single stun. Maybe even make it so the next blessed hammer within 5s takes a dodge pip away.

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