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Druid Healer Ult


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This one really pains me.  The structure of this ability really devalues it.  The rooting used to be less of an issue given i-frames, but now with a barrier that can be removed and is already small, you're almost guaranteed to gain nothing out of it, meaning you cannot use it for yourself under most circumstances.  In fact, I don't really treat this as an "ultimate ability" when I'm paired with a cleric or FW healer, I use it as a maintenance heal where I try and maximize its effectiveness.  Either a) I need to hit someone 50m away or b) I'm trying to use it when my group is mostly at 70% or lower on average.

  1. The main thing that needs to happen is the root needs to go away, and if you don't want us to look like floating droids, they animation would also need to change.  
  2. If its going to remain a HoT, it needs to heal for MORE than the cleric/fw ult


As a fan of healers doing things other than simply green numbers,  I'd rather go another route:

Idea 1: Nature's Intervention:  Party gains a barrier for half its health and immunity to CC for 6 seconds (both barrier and protection from CC last 6 seconds).   

  • In my opinion this makes the barrier extremely useful in two situations - a choice - but both having risks.  First, you could use it to initiate.  Secondly, you could use it to save.  Seems great, but if barriers fade away and healing hasn't happened in that time, you gained nothing.  So it has both versatility and requires thought on how/when to use it.

Idea 2: Living Vines: Enemies within 5 meters of target party member become rooted and target party member is relocated near caster.  Caster and target gain Improved Barkskin.   

  • This ability has so many cool plays that could happen, you could use it offensively, defensively etc.  Less useful to self, in keeping with a druids "balance".
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I've posted about this as well, being rooted in one spot and looking like were popping a squat while getting hit does the ult no good


We dont need more CC immunity by the way

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