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Sorry, but I have to ask a question.
Because it looks very much like this on a test, and due to the lack of my community, I’m going to play a big part alone, and my foreign language skills aren’t very conducive to being able to converse with others very meaningfully in the long run.
What are my options? challenges can you expect in the game?

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Solo Play is not what Dregs is meant for.  

If this wasn't a Test in Testing phase but in say Live there would most likely be a faction campaign were Solo play is not so hard. 

you are really trying to put a round peg in a square hole. It just doesn't work well.  

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Well then unfortunately, in vain I like the game, if I can’t play properly with big teams then, and no one from my country is playing with whom I can communicate with, it will be a waste of money for me. :(
It’s pretty depressing, unfortunately we don’t have any interest in the game here, and that just puts it with a shovel.
Well, hello, I’m watching to see if the developers are thinking of small teams or solo players as well.

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The right game mode is just not active right now but is supposed to be in the next few months. There is nothing saying you can't play it's just going the be a challenge until factions is online. I would say check back when 5.110 goes to live in the next month or two, I think you might get a better experience.  

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Guys, this is a great chance for you to practice English. Or there are guilds whos language is Spanish or French or even Czech. So you just need to find the right community which will fit you well. I'm not a native English speaker either, but you don't have to speak a lot. And you mostly need to listen and say something very simple to coordinate your actions with your guild mates.

Just join up a guild. It is very easy. Many guilds are recruiting right now. Put your message on 'Unofficial Looking for Guild' thread or reach out guild leaders directly. For example, when you search a guild you can see who is the guild leader and then you can find him/her in your PM and write your small pitch to them. You will be surprised how fast you will find a guild to join.

Link to the guild search: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild

I, for one, have a thick Russian accent which only adds up to my personality and I like jokes that I'm Russian spy and that I'm in friends with Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump. We also have people with Philipino accent, Indian accent, Spanish accent and etc. So that there is very multicultural society and everyone is very welcoming. And if you ever have issues with one guild, you will easily find another one to join. So that you can always enjoy the game.


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