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I was just wondering if each character that I create would have a unique name as during testing at the moment your character name comes under your account name. I wondered if this was subject to change?

if not will it be possible to change our usernames or have our usernames separate to a display name that covers all characters perhaps, Im not 100% sure on how the vessel system actually works and if this would affect that.

Sorry for the odd question just seemed a bit odd that I couldn't name my character when testing as i'm sure the last time I tried Crowfall I was able to choose a character name.

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There is supposed to be a new version of the UI that allows us to label each vessel, but your account name will always be your character name, regardless of which vessel you are using. I think they did that partly because it makes name reservation easier, but also because they want people to be accountable. If people act like jerks, they can't just hide behind a new character with a different name. They could buy a new account, but that's a steep price to pay considering the passive training. 

If you want to change your account name, you can do so once by contacting support@crowfall.com

Give them a list of 3 names, in the order that you want them, and they will give you the first one that is available. 

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