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Razer Naga and Crowfall


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I quit using the Razer Naga after 3 of them broke early and now use the G600 exclusively. That being said, what you suggest isnt possible. The software for the mouse changes the key output outside of the game, ie. the game (Crowfall) does not affect or interact with the mouse software in any way. Zoning in game has no interaction with the game software.

There are other factors not related that could be causing the problem, such as:

If a profile is set up for crowfall on the mouse software and is not set up correctly (ie, is set to be the active profile when X program is running (usually the games .exe) and the wrong program is chosen) it will use the default profile instead, which will most likely have different keybinds not set up for Crowfall.

If the game has cheap anti cheat root kits, it will prevent the mouse software from working at all while the game is running, but that isnt an issue with crowfall.

Lastly, the mouse could be starting to die (Razor is a crap product) and showing erratic behavior which he attributes to zoning because thats when he notices it because of a pause in the action.

Guarenteed that actions in game, of the game are not causing the issues you mention.

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I have no problem with my 12 side button naga.  I do, however, have a problem with Razor Synapse 3 (beta) being horrible.  I have to use it since its the only thing that works with the Nari Ultimate headphones, which I will be replacing as soon as the Rona is done simply for the reason to be able to go back to Razor Synapse 2.

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