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Scuffed Moments 4 - RIP Healweaver


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I literally was just fighting dreamtaker and furious on top of a statue. Died as well. I had 0 bandages, the whole fight almost dropped @Dieec23 

All that totem stacking is why we can't nice things

The icedropping off of those statues is funky. The ledge is longer then it looks 

Edited by yianni
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@yianni Yeah I saw the same in your video, the statues' collision boxes always have been deceptive but FW gotta peek the edge a little more than most.


@ComradeAma¬†I'm gonna miss the bombs¬†so much ūüė≠¬†I won't miss the healing totem spam though, I don't think my thumb could've taken much more of it lol... The healing potential is still good, although mana is a lot tighter now.

P.S. Grr Winterblades ūü¶Ć


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