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[ CoE ] Court of Evermore

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Vahr'Nah, to those with understanding, and greetings to the rest of you Mon'Kiegh.
 I am Galiswyn Ta'Kier, Ellestor of the Court of Evermore. Long have we slumbered; with the destruction of Aerynth, we faded for a time... drifting from reality to reality until at last we were drawn here. Now the Court reassembles, and prepares once more for war. We will do what we can to restore our now faded glory, punish those who have wronged us and carve out a new Empire worthy of song!

(OOC) Hello all, CoE at its core is an old guild. We first formed in 96 on the Catskills server of ultima online, and evolved over the years into an elf focused guild that had some of its best days on the Mourning Server of Shadowbane. We are a guild that focuses very heavily on the lore of the game we are playing in, and we encourage role-play whenever able. We have a fairly easy going play style, in that we are NOT what most would call hardcore or elite gamers, we play to have fun. That said, we do like to work towards empire building, and have had great success in several games ( House Shadune in UO, Court of Evermore in Shadowbane, and CoE in Mortal Online).
We will now be seeking more friendly, mature, and drama free players to join our ranks.   
So you know, many of us are kickstarters for this game, though most of us have neglected the alpha process until recently. You will be learning as we do. I look forward to meeting you and we will post a vastly more detailed recruitment/lore policy once we see the full reveal on the lore of this realm. At the moment we are planning to be Highelf, Woodelf, Half-Elf, and Minotaur focused.

Contact me for any questions you may have and till then have fun.
Tuel'Buannahr,   ( farewell)


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