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Zaleena and Illara ???


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I dont know if it's only me but it seems there's a problem in the pantheon! 

If we look on the image below we see illara in earth and zaleena in moon but in the pantheon it's the opposite !!! 

Reading the description of these 2 goddess i think illara must be in earth so @jtoddcoleman  is it intented to swap them or is it a mistake ??

Crowfall CrypticTree

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Possibly old picture. They shook up the deities factions when they switched from Order-Balance-Chaos to Sun-Earth-Moon. I can’t find the info at the moment but it changed the diagram noticeably.


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1 minute ago, Duffy said:

Possibly old picture.

maybe but it still with each god .

i think it can be easy to give some informations about this, currently it can be a good timing with nothing else to do ...

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The pantheon got a little switcheroo to better fit the direction of the lore and the game. Valkyn is now included in the Sun realm (he was floating off by himself before), Zaleena is in Earth, and Illara is in Moon. Hero is not included in the pantheon proper, but retains his title of First Crow.

Jack Kirby
Associate Writer/Customer Service Manager

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2 hours ago, royo said:

I dont know if it's only me but it seems there's a problem in the pantheon! 

If we look on the image below we see illara in earth and zaleena in moon but in the pantheon it's the opposite !!! 

Reading the description of these 2 goddess i think illara must be in earth so @jtoddcoleman  is it intented to swap them or is it a mistake ??


Good question. :)
I made a line-of-ancestry picture some years ago. Some of it is outdated of course, but it still should be good enough to show the basic framework.  


Illara is the 2nd daughter and last child of Valkyn, the nestling. After Kronos, she cares about the mortals least, being more fond of the animals and their gods than any other god, and so far the only one able to travel between the different realms.

Zaleena is the daughter of Lyessa and Yaermin, the wyrm Valkyn dominated to build earth and sky, the sun (the wyrms heart) and the moon (the wyrms egg). Another of those eggs was Zaleena, stolen by Malekai, corrupted and raised as his own daughter, she became the goddess of snakes.


The gods can be sorted in different ways.

One way would be to sort them by Chaos, Order, Balance. Those terms don't relate to the usual way, bad/good/neutral, but to their way of thinking about the hunger.

  1. Chaos: Trying to appease the hunger by feeding it.
  2. Order: Trying to defeat the hunger.
  3. Balance: Trying to keep the status quo.

Another way would be to sort them by Sun, Earth, Moon.

  1. Sun: Striving for personal fame (glory).
  2. Earth: Striving for personal growth (wealth).
  3. Moon: Striving for personal independency (power).

While the chaos/order/balance classification relates to the basic mindset, the earth/moon/sun classification relates to the different motives before and after the hunger occurred and the gods started to position themselves in the war of gods.


So, this is what we are looking at:

Basic Mindset (order left column, balance center, chaos right):


- Those on the right side are feeding the hunger. Kane because he is eaten up by regrets (guilt regarding Gaea's and D'Orions deaths) and wants to end it. Malekai due to the hate regarding the disinterest and actions against him by his father (Kronos), Yaga because she has no illusion about everything ending at one point and Zaleena due to her hate about the gods and this universe.
- Those in the center column a representing balance ... mostly because nearly all of them are gone. Gaea died first, initiating the hunger. D'Orion died by the hand of Kane due to Gaes death. Valkyn went to the hunger to fight it, never came back. Illara just don't care about the hunger, because he is the watcher. And Illara also, for she travels between the realms and though will survive anyways.
- Left column showing the order gods, working against the hunger. Arkyn because he is the Allfathers firstborn, aiming to rule after his father is gone. Maeve, his sister and thirdborn, being massively jealous of her brother, wanting to proof that she is better - by ruling them (which can only happen if the universe still exists, and she conquered the dragon throne). Cybele by just being to young and naive to allow the hunger to tell her how to have fun (or forbid her ways of fun). And hero being the true standard bearer of Valkyn, standing the post until his master, Valkyn, returns.

Motive before Hunger



Motive after Hunger



So, as for your question. Illara and Zaleena didn't really change places in the Earth/Sun/Moon concept.

Illara aims for personal independency, she don't want to be dependent on anybody else. Regarding the war, she just want to be left alone - just like Kane in his deep sorrows and regrets. Therefore she is "Moon". She also doesn't care for others and she doesn't want the balance to change. If she cares at all, she cares for the status quo to remain. So she is Balance.

Zaleena aims for growth, tricking and enticing all the way to her own benefit. Her sister is the moon (Lyessas other (older) egg Valkyn placed in the skies), her fathers heart is the sun, also placed there by Valkyn, while he sat on Yamirs back before he went into the hunger. Both celestials given to one of his sons as birthright. The sky is the back of her mother. Betrayed of her own birthrights by Valkyn, with the defeat of her parents and unborn siblings permanently thrown into her face by the display of the sun and the moon, there is only one way to go ... earth. She undoubtedly hates what the gods have done.  An what better way to pay back than to stay in their ways? Gaea, married to Valkyns first son Arkyn, the mother of earth, has been the first victim of the hunger. Had the cunning snake a hand in this? Who knows? Anyways, a great opportunity to start. Wanting to grow herself, aiming to replace the power of "earth" by aiming to inhibt the power of growth herself (=Earth), while aiming to feed the hunger instead of fighting it (=leading to the defeat of this universe - and by this the defeat of the gods) (=Chaos), is quite telling.

This being said, there is no real inconsistency regarding those concepts. One just needs to look deep enough into them and regarding the context.

Hope this helps
Have fun, good luck

Edited by Kraahk
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