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    Hello and welcome! I started this guild in remembrance of the Warhammer Online(WHO) guild I co-ran ages ago.  We were extremely successful back in the days of Warhammer, but this is a whole new game.  Crowfall is the first organized PvP/RvR game I've actually wanted to take part in since WHO.  My philosophy here is the same as it was back then.  Everyone is welcome to join, as long as they can contribute and work as a team.  In-actives will be removed after a month(This will really start to be enforced when the open beta hits). From my experience, organization can and will win most battles.  I know we will enjoy many epic fights as the guild comes to grow, so come and join us in Feared!  

    Any roles are welcome, whether it be a crafter, gatherer, or anything else you the people can come up with.  The core concept of the guild is to fight and dominate any who would oppose us, but all roles are needed to accomplish this.  If you have any questions for me, or want to check out the guild discord, please don't hesitate.

@zdaemon#9131 is my discord name.


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