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Hello, I took the plunge

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Hey all,



Decided to buy the game.   


About me.  I am an older loner, I enjoy pc games like Albion Online and Black Desert Online,   I love grinding, gathering and crafting.  I often play solo as I listen to audio books, and cant do that in active voice chats.   I am not a huge pvper, nothing against it, I just perfer to gather and sell my goods to those who need it.



If you have any helpful beginner info to offer me, I am all ears!  Thanks

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2 minutes ago, yianni said:

Just so you know, this game is mostly PvP focused 

 With that said there is a lot of harvesting a.k.a. gathering, and crafting which is probably up your alley. 

I am a hardcore gathering nutcase.  I love to gather, craft and grind.   I'm not against pvp, but really not into it.   But Albion Online and Black Desert Online are both PVP orientated games and I have done a decent job as a gatherer and supplying market with my rare goods or resources.


My goal in Crowfall, is to become a known crafter, of simple but good quality goods.  Somebody affordable and always in stock, and best prices in all the lands lol.   Or atleast that is my goal.   As to what ill make I dont know, gonna spend this time to learn the game, experience it, see what there is, try this, try that, I have time until release to decide the fate of my character.   But I am a huge fan of grinding mobs, crafting and gathering.


Games I enjoy are games like

Albion Online(im solo)

Black Desert Online(Im solo)

Diablo 3

Path of Exiles

World of War Craft(all I do is kill the same low level creeps and sell the silk on the market, for me, thats fun)

Guild War 2(loot and sell on market)

When I feel an inch for pvp, I tend to play Arma 3 or Battlefield 4  But I am not at all against trying pvp in a game like this.

Other games I been solo mostly in, but unrelated to this, would be Ark, Rust and Conan, so I am used to the lose all on death concept.

I am just used to grinding non stop and I find it to be the most relaxing way to spend my time, gathering, grinding and crafting.

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