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Bringing War of the Gods to LIVE

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In light of our announcement today that Crowfall has officially entered the alpha testing phase, we are ready to bring the War of the Gods (5.110) update to our LIVE testing environment! 

On Friday, May 29, the LIVE server will be taken offline at approximately 8:00 am CDT |  15:00 pm CEST in order to perform maintenance and to deploy the update. Initially, the LIVE environment will offer three of our five world bands: Eternal Kingdoms (the player-owned realms), God’s Reach (the starter area), and the Infected (3-faction-based campaign wars).  

We are still in the process of testing and balancing the fourth world, the Dregs (guild -vs- guild campaigns) on TEST and will continue to do so, on TEST, for now. Those who wish to test this mode – and have a higher tolerance for playtest issues – are invited to download the TEST game client and log into TEST. 

It’s important to remember that Crowfall is not a finished game. Whether you’re playtesting on LIVE or TEST, it is still testing and there will be issues. We urge you to share your feedback with us on the Testing and Feedback forums so that we can identify and correct bugs and problem areas that interfere with your enjoyment of the game. 

Quick facts: 

  • The LIVE server will go down at approximately 8:00 am CDT | 15:00 pm CEST.
  • The LIVE server will be offline for an estimated window of about 4-hours and as that changes we will keep you informed on the Forums. We will make an announcement when service is restored. If it looks like it may go longer than we anticipate, we will post updates. 
  • There will be a full wipe of LIVE, meaning all characters, passive skill training and inventory will be cleared as part of releasing the Alpha update on LIVE. 
  • The TEST environment will remain online and available for those who wish to continue playtesting there. 
  • Both the LIVE and TEST game clients are available here. Note that these are two different downloads, so be sure you’re downloading and installing the one that correlates to where you want to play. 
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