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Stretch Goals?

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Just please don't release stretch goals that hugely complicate and/or greatly delay the core game's (what you have already shown us) release. 


Exactly. I honestly don't like the idea of stretch goals. There's merit in knowing how much money it will take to create X product on time. Most times, simply having more money won't accomplish that.


I'm hoping/thinking that their stretch goals might just allow them to add more to the core module with already planned features, like additional campaign modes.



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As we approach any Kickstarter funding goal (original or stretch), we'll have a new stretch goal put up.  Most likely we will go past 75% sometime this evening, so tomorrow is likely a good day for a stretch goal.


We're now $10K over the 75% mark.. pledge goal hints? :)


My 2cents..

How about Stretch goals that give us an estimated ETA of Alpha / Beta Launch? It'll give many of the patrons an incentive to get their pledge benefits faster   kthx

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lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

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To be honest, ACE have to be very careful with their stretch goals. I'm sure they do not want to promise something that they are not entirely sure of. Over promising with ideas and features that haven't been thought through thoroughly will be taking a wrong step forward into quick sand.


Vision and Clarity is key. Just a heads up team.


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Rasta Orcs, please.

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By reading my post you have assumed all responsibility for its content. I hope you haven't offended anybody!

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Ah -- great question! I should have seen this one coming.  


I'll answer here, and then add it to the FAQ.





The structures (castles, villas, etc) can be moved to other Kingdoms -- but once placed there, they can't be removed.  So, be careful where you place them!


The parcels of land can't be moved; we could probably solve this problem technically (with some limitations) but it could cause design issues.  


So, at least for now, I'm going to say: yes, on structures.  no, on parcels.






I think we have something here, M0rdred.

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Yeah I know, but there are still multiple problems with a guild setting up shop on lands owned by just one player. A proper Guild Eternal Kingdom should have multi-ownership to protect against the designated player leaving or committing some other heinous act.


Plus the fact that if the lands are truly shared, then there is more of a sense of joint ownership and satisfaction in seeing it grow.

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ok, I'll admit it, I'm a noob when it comes to crowdfunding as this is the first time I have contributed.  Will someone explain what a stretch goal is and how it might benefit early contributors?

Maria Lightheart

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