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So long and thanks for the fish!


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Sad to see you go @Pann you were present since the beginning, responding so kindly to our interrogations, promoting us when needed.

I hope everything is fine with you and to see you again in another round in another game maybe.

Best wishes and take care

And in French : Tu nous manqueras.


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I've said a lot in other places. Still, I can't leave this thread without sharing some thoughts.

  I especially like this posting from PopeUrban.

19 hours ago, PopeUrban said:



If we touched when we moved, we won't leave when we go.

And you have touched a lot of people during your five years. Some may not have been happy about those touches. Usually those who confused the house of crows with their own, believing that they would have the final right to make the calls. Or those who only saw the little part of your work that was visible out of their own restricted point of view, without seeing the whole scope of your work.

Having seen and experienced you and your work from a lot of different directions, from the very first to the very last day in Crowfall, I need to confess that there is not a lot that got imprinted to my mind. 

Only your unrestricted love for the community (instead of understanding the community as a foe), your great ability to make even the smallest of us feel welcome  (instead of recognizing only those with power), your proven believe that everybody deserves a chance and providing it (instead of just writing people off), your unbreakable attitude of not just tolerating different and uncomfortable opinions but actually respecting them and taking them into account (instead of only listening to and supporting those who seem to be easy and most beneficial), your authentic care (instead of not caring, or faking interest) and last not least your willingness to make the hard calls and to stand in for them (instead of going the easiest way and hide behind others).

I know a few crows won't agree to that. Some of them may still not understand and have a grudge - while you clearly don't. That's OK. It's part of the deal (and you knew it all the way, so it's no surprise at all, right?). It's, if unfortunately, the inevitable price to give other people the opportunity to DO agree. Some of those will carry these practically experienced principles on, not just in a game, but in their lifes. Also touching others - and by this making this world a better place.

Pann, you have been a diamond of crowfall, a diamond for the community, and a diamond for people. Thanks for all you have done and all the waves you produced. They will for sure roll on for a long period, washing up rare perls on the beaches of Crowfall and elsewhere from time to time, now and in times yet to reveal themselves.

You know I wish you only the best. In these regards
Have fun, good luck


P.S.: As for the fish, just leaving this here for you to pick it up - you may need it on you further journeys.


Edited by Kraahk

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You sowed and you are not going to enjoy the harvest.
Sometimes things have to happen this way. But it is sad.  

Take care and good luck.

Edited by RikForFun

Catelyn: War will make them old, as it did us. I pity them.
Mathis: Why? Look at them. They're young and strong, full of life and laughter. And lust, aye, more lust than they know what to do with. There will be many a bastard bred this night, I promise you. Why pity?
Catelyn: Because it will not last. Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.

A Clash of Kings, Chapter 22, Catelyn II.

Crowfall Discord Channels: international (english) - italiano

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