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Hi I Am New. Please Don't Kill Me. Or Kill Me Without Me Realizing!

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Hi guys my name is Arron and I am an alcoholic.


Jokes aside. I am actually allergic to alcohol so that was indeed a joke. Erm.. Yes!



I am from Yorkshire. I have been playing games since I before I could walk and intend to keep doing so until the grave. Wow how morbid. I have been to university where I studied 3D SFX and game design.

Which almost completely killed the idea of making and playing games for me.


My first experience of true multiplayer was with World of Warcraft where I was part of a nice guild called "The Irresponsibles" on the realm by the name of Earthern Ring. From there I have been search for another MMO which can hold my attention and bring me joy like WoW used to do in the old days.. Heh.


I have played practically every MMO you can think of. Maybe not every MMO but at least every MMO I could get my hands on! I am hoping this game has something for me so I am investing in its future with the Sapphire patron tier! I hope it is what I imagine and understand from the game info. Either way this journey will be a fun one!


I am also a musician. I play the Drums and Guitar and I am currently working on my own business which involves recording musicians and promoting them however I am also engaged in some part time work which has turned to full time leaving my business in the dust. I plan to get back to my business and to gaming and have also formed a collaborative YouTube channel called We Be Gamers with 2 of my friends from Highschool. We do videos of all sorts and I hope to get some content out for and about Crowfall. Whether its just me talking about the game and the hopes I have for the game, videos and screen shot collaborations for people to look at or even updates on their game and website to keep people informed.


I hope this community and the game flourish and become strong as the game development continues and I look forward to seeing you on the forums and in game when the time comes. Whether it is through trade, hiring or warfare!


My brother and I have invested in the game and we are forming a guild called "The Stonemasons Guild".

A group of craftsmen and warriors who strive for excellence in both combat and crafting!

Die by our swords, that we ourselves have forged!


Cheers guys! o/

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