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QoL : Preset binding for "ESDF" player base

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There is an alternative to the standard "WASD" mapping gamer uses.  You can read all about it in https://voltcave.com/esdf/ . It is great for those that are "typist".

Please add "ESDF" preset along with current "WASD" preset. 


Good news is I played with the default mapping and it is very easy to change it from "WASD" to "ESDF" mapping. 

Change following binds first in order

 "Combo" from "E" → "R"

"Retaliate" from "R" → "T"

"Interact (Secondary)" → "H"

"Interact  Main" "F" → "G"

Now bind the movement keys in order

Move Forward" "W" → "E"

"Move Right" "D" → "F"

"Move Left" A" → "S"

"Move Backwards" "S" → "D"




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