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5.115 Known Issues

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Crowfall Alpha Build 5.115.0

If you are having issues patching / installing, please make sure to download the latest installer off Crowfall.com and run CFInstaller_Test.exe as an administrator.
You may need to run the Crowfall Client as an Administrator.  If the game closes immediately after launching the Client without receiving a patch, click on the wrench icon to the left of the launch button to repair.

General :

  • Some objects may not be rendered on your client, which will may cause you to teleport if you run through them.
  • If you have many items in your Account Vault (100+) it may take several seconds to load completely.
  • If you are killed while recalling, you will teleport to your temple in bleed out state.
  • Exiting vessel creation without creating a new vessel may cause your vessels to load forever.
  • Changing the Overall Quality level from Very High to Medium/Basic may cause your client to close or take you back to the lobby.
  • Ranger guards may not spawn on your Fort/Keep walls correctly.
  • High Elf female's legs will lose texture/become invisible with any footwear equipped.
  • Username changes are not reflected correctly in-game.
  • Siege weapon platforms can cause rubberbanding issues.
  • Keep wall placement interactions may appear to you if you approach them while mounted.
  • Thrall NPCs can be attacked and killed by other NPCs.
  • NPCs may spawn inside of motherloads so that you cannot reach them.
  • If you enter 2FA into the launcher on an account without 2FA, you may need to restart the launcher in order to log in.
  • Minotaur Rangers may respawn with only their weapons visible.
  • The Slaughterhouse building is missing its cooking station.
  • You may occasionally be unable to pick up harvested resources after zoning.
  • Male Enbarri and Centaur may appear in T-pose while in bleedout.
  • The Mobile Banking chest interaction is inconsistent and does not always respond.


  • There are large jumps in parcels at the border between mountains and some other parcels.
  • Players in Guilds for patrons Illara or Zaleena may log in to Dregs campaigns in the wrong temple zone.


  • Crafting food and drink items may cause your crafting leaderboard score to appear as a negative value.

Eternal Kingdom:

  • You are currently unable to change EK settings (PvP, Public, Parcel/EK name changes).
  • Placing 2 City Parcels right next to each other can cause stitching errors between them.
  • Buildings/Attachments placed at max distance will be invisible until you exit building placement mode.
  • EK owner cannot move/pick up buildings placed by a noble in their own EK.
  • Several castle defense walls will not appear correctly when placed.

User Interface:

  • Viewing the Completed Campaigns list in the lobby may cause your client to freeze and crash.
  • Guild crest symbol may not appear in the correct place/size in game.
  • Broadcast messages will not appear on Map or Skill Tree screens.
  • The Careless Whisper passive buff UI appears incorrectly - you may see Whispers and Empowered Whisper at the same time, even though only one of those buffs is active.
  • Friendly player interact options remain visible even after the other player has left.
  • Viewing campaign details from the lobby may show incorrect info for the time remaining in its current season.


  • The Wolf power Snow Drift is not damaging players.
  • Elk NPC Rampage ability is not playing smoothly and its AOE decal appears incorrectly.
  • Powers granted by the Siege Engineer major discipline have FX that linger after the power has ended.
  • You are unable to use combo abilities while under the effects of blind or root.
  • Guinecean burrow FX may persist after leaving burrow.
  • Frostweaver Frigid and Cool Ice FX will remain visible even after converting them to different ice types.
  • Knight Charge abilities do not always fire properly.
  • The Myrmidon Berserk Heart meter may disappear while the power is running. The timer will still run properly, but you may lose the heart that reflects your damage taken.
  • Health recovered by the Myrmidon Berserk power is not appearing in your Combat Log.
  • You are currently unable to use the Templar combo ability Righteous Parry while using Righteous Stand.


  • The Found Resources minor discipline passive causes 2 power pips to permanently illuminate, even when you have no active pips.
  • The Pixie Dust power (granted by the Pixie major discipline) SFX may persist even after the power has ended.

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