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i loose 100 FPs in normal world USA serv and when i fight i  loose 127 fps

what the hell this client eat ?

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There is a crap ton of optimization they still need to figure out, sadly.  Playing with culling settings and shadows as well as disabling motion blur seems to do the most for FPS boosts for me, and there are tons of instances in which higher than Medium will just be massive FPS drops in certain areas and camera angles.  It's pretty annoying considering I am on a system that can handily max Witcher 3 or Mordhau at 2K and still clear 60FPS without even trying and yet I am consistently 25 FPS in temple.  Hell, while I've not played it since getting my 2K monitor, I was pulling well above 60FPS 1080p in BDO at high settings even at the Heidel storage ffs.  They have a long way to go.

Still better than how bad TERA was last I played... Shouldn't be that hard to beat TERA's optimzation lmao.

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