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5.115 LIVE Patch Notes for 6/22/20 - 6/23/20

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Crowfall The Awakening Update
Development Build 5.115.0

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.115 LIVE Bug Reports
To report feedback, please go here: 5.115 LIVE Feedback
For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues


  • Fixed an issue causing doubled chat messages to appear for some players


  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from accessing in-game Chat

The first part of the Crowfall New Player Experience is now available! The New Player Experience engages players in a series of quests that introduces them to the game and the basic gameplay mechanics to ensure they get off to a fast start as they begin their Crowfall journey. A Quest Log and Quest Compass have been added to ensure players can successfully navigate the game as they play. To begin, simply create a new character in the God’s Reach campaign! Only the first world is available, but additional chapters will be added over time.

A Quest Log and Quest Compass have been added to improve the navigation through the New Player Experience.

Show Stoppers:

  • Fixed a number of locations where missing assets were causing players to Teleport.  Please report any locations you are able to still find where this occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where Champion Leap was causing the client to crash.


  • Fixed an issue where guard NPCs would get stuck in an invulnerable state while retreating, preventing you from being able to capture siege locations.
  • Fixed an issue where healing abilities could not target friendly players if enemies were nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where when a campaign went down, you may have seen another player’s username in the lobby instead of your own.
  • Siege weapon projectiles will now disappear correctly when they hit their target.
  • Fixed a culling issue with Cairns so they no longer disappear at close distances.
  • Fixed an issue where the ladders on Keep wall towers were not teleporting you up the ladder correctly.
  • Excavation Skill Tree shape has been updated to have a less linear flow.
  • Removed Energetic Harvest from Exploration Basics Skill Tree.
  • Added Energetic Harvest to the Excavation and Reaping Skill Trees.
  • The Survival skill (in the Exploration Basics tree) should now correctly grant Runestone Knife and Axe proficiencies as well as Survivalist cooking recipes.
  • Improved the Tree of Life area of effect circle decal to better reflect its actual radius.
  • Fixed issues with Keep Walls causing rubberbanding problems.
  • Improved combat AI on monster NPCs so that they maintain appropriate distances while attacking players.
  • NPCs can now follow players into buildings while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where healing buffs ending would remove you from stealth.
  • Survivalist campfires should now disappear correctly once their buffs end.
  • Fixed item movement issues between your World Bank and your Account Vault.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to change the vertical aim of siege weapons.
  • Improved campaign reward badges so that they always appear on top of your equipped armor.
  • Fixed an issue where Ballista Mk II Ice Bolt FX would never disappear.
  • Fixed issues with NPCs moving right through you when they used root motion abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting hit FX would appear on your hands instead of on the resource itself.
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting doober FX would stack and cause FPS drops.
  • When a Sentinel is destroyed, its model and collider will now disappear correctly until it is rebuilt by the owning guild.
  • The Malekai sentinel debuff Malekai's Mad Whispers now prevents all stealth, including Wood Elf Camouflage.
  • The Well of Eternity buff will now only ever apply to members of the defending guild.
  • Bell Tower stronghold buildings should spawn Cleric guards when they reach Rank 3.
  • Wartribe NPCs should now drop cloth again.
  • Fixed issues where background music would abruptly stop upon entering a new parcel. 
  • Fixed issues with the appearance of the Tree of Life AoE decal.
  • Improved the appearance of point lighting (from lanterns and light posts).
  • You should now be able to loot Hunger Hellcats properly again.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunger Spiders would move around and pursue you while in their cocoon.
  • Fixed an issue where logging out then immediately back into a campaign would cause animations to break.
  • The Motion Blur setting is now OFF by default and must be actively turned on if desired.
  • You should now be able to put consumable campfires into your minibar slots.
  • Campfires will now damage you again, and put you in combat.
  • Improved Fae hair gradient colors.
  • Fixed an issue where Minotaur and Elken vessel Horns appear incorrectly in the lobby while they load.
  • Restructured the shape of the entire Reaping Tree.
  • Added a Plant section to the Reaping Tree.
  • Improved the Harvest Critical Plant stat so that it works with all plants.
  • Updated plant loot tables to account for special Fibrous Root Stat and Bonus Dust stat.
  • Updated plant data for Beneficial Harvest, since the tables were flipped. (you got worse odds as your stats got better).
  • Added data for Beneficial Harvest to work with Plants (however it seems broken for all harvesting types currently).
  • Heals should now appear in your combat log.
  • Fixed interact issues with Trebuchets.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the “Write Combat Log to File” setting caused your client to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where Resurrect FX would appear on all players within a certain range, instead of only on resurrected players.
  • Updated Fae death animations.
  • Fixed issues with Fae Stealth movement animations.
  • Adjusted Centaur dodge to move up to 20m.
  • Improved Centaur dodge animation.
  • Fixed a weapon animation issue on Nethari dodge, Zealot Rush.
  • Fixed an issue where the Human 9th tray slot would clear after zoning.
  • Fixed torso twisting animation issues on Guinecean Knights and Clerics.
  • Fixed an issue with Trees clipping through Keep walls.
  • Fixed an issue with Caravan pig corpses sinking through the ground after looting.
  • Human Female headwear should now reflect your hair color choice correctly.
  • Improved eating and drinking animations.
  • Added SFX for drink consumables.
  • Added flytext to Tree of Life and Banewood tree combat interactions.
  • Added more torches and lights to Keeps.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hungry debuff would not appear correctly if you logged in hungry.
  • Fixed an issue where your chicken food meter would appear incorrectly after zoning.
  • Fixed an issue where you could log in with a new vessel for the first time at less than full health.
  • The Mobile Banking buff should now persist through zoning.
  • Fixed an issue where being hit by Chain Pull or Charge powers caused semi-permanent movement issues.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with World Banks in campaign worlds.
  • Fixed an issue where Druid deaths were always recorded as by Essence Burn in your Client Log.
  • You are no longer able to toggle Walking speed while in Bleedout.
  • Fixed Fort/Outpost Guard loot interactions.
  • Fixed an issue where some Hunger Spiders were not dropping any loot.
  • Improved sky rendering performance in basic quality.
  • The Stone Mother Lode: Quarrying and Ore Mother Lode: Mining nodes in the Excavation skill tree will now correctly increase your Mother Lode stats.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the destroyed state of the Arcane Armory building.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible assets on the Alchemist Hut building.
  • Fixed an issue where Runegates would sometimes appear to levitate off the ground in temples.
  • Improved the SFX timing on leveling up by sacrificing.
  • Fixed an issue where Deathblow was not dropping enemy skulls.
  • Temporarily removed Lunge Weapons.  Lunge Weapons will be added at a later time, but they are currently being fully implemented.
  • Fixed parts of God and Respawn Outposts that were missing their collision.


  • Caravan pigs should now spawn properly in Dregs campaigns.
  • Improved collision in GR temple zones.
  • You should now be able to teleport through GR campaign Keep gates using their F to Interact.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to destroy Hunger in Infected Temple Zones.
  • If you have a personal vendor placed in a Fort/Keep, and it is taken by an enemy guild, your vendor will be ejected and placed into your World Bank for that campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where Wartribe Kings or Raid Bosses weren’t dropping Statue heads.
  • Fixed an issue with percentage victory cards not scoring as intended.
  • Adjusted the number of Respawn Outposts and Outpost Towers in Infected campaigns.
  • Fixed LOD issues on the Barracks stronghold building.
  • Slaughterhouse stronghold buildings now have cooking crafting stations when they reach rank 1.
  • When a Barracks stronghold building reaches rank 3, the Barracks guards will gain a passive buff that gives them a 35% proc chance to spawn a Suppression Trap at your location when you attack them.
  • Added more Elemental spawn locations to the Stoneborn Ruins in Gods Reach campaigns.
  • If you attack a neutral outpost guard, the other guards at the outpost will now attack you in response.
  • You should now be able to loot all classes of guards after you kill them.
  • Improved environment collision in all worlds.
  • Fixed an issue in Dregs where some Fort Guards could not be killed.
  • There is now a 5 minute cooldown on the Faction Switch Kiosk.


  • Added several “combine” recipes to Refinery stations.
  • Altered Blacksmithing/Leatherworking recipes to remove outcomes that produced Thorns Bonus, Retribution Bonus, Lifesteal Bonus, Anti-Crit, and Personal Healing Modifier to better balance their stats. (These bonuses will be moved to disciplines/talents in the future.)
  • The appearance of an Advanced or Runic weapon can be modified via modifying the weapon mold.
  • You are able to craft Cake, Wine, and Pot Pie again.
  • Great Weapons Blades should be once again craftable. 

Eternal Kingdom:

  • Fixed an issue where the EK editor was not updating to reflect your current parcel setup.


  • Fixed an issue where the Campaign End Results banner would never appear to you if you were logged in to a campaign when it ended.
  • Stronghold building timers will now appear over the building signposts instead of over the buildings themselves.
  • Fixed an issue where opening your map while using a siege weapon would cause blue FX to appear on your power tray slots.
  • Fixed several instances of broken strings in the Account Vault UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harvesting widget did not properly reflect your current harvesting pips.
  • Neutral World Bank and Refinery Outpost pins on a zone map will no longer have hover tooltips or banners until they have been captured.
  • Fixed an issue where Fort/Keep zone map pins were not updating to show owning guild crests.
  • Fixed an issue where guild crests were not appearing correctly on the campaign scoreboard.
  • Fixed an issue with the day/night/season widget appearing incorrectly (missing icons).
  • Implemented many new Russian translations.
  • Fixed an issue where Keep siege UI would not correctly reflect its locked "cannot capture" status during its first siege.
  • Fixed an issue where guilds would occasionally appear on campaign scoreboards for campaigns that they did not participate in.
  • Fixed an issue where the Victory Card Campaign Scorecard on the Scoreboard would show inconsistent information.
  • Updated Great Axe mold component icons.
  • Updated Basic harvesting tool icons.
  • Updated the inventory window to make it more clear when it enters Overflow.
  • Fixed an issue with map tooltips blinking.
  • Fixed some broken UI text that appeared as code strings.
  • Siege UI should now respond to user input and close properly.
  • Fixed scaling issues and animations that were broken in the front end lobby.
  • Updated tool tip for the campfire items to reflect it only works while not in combat or stealth.
  • Improved campfire interact UI so that they all say “Use Campfire.”
  • Fixed an issue with siege UI appearing in the lobby and your map if you log out or open/close your map while it is up.
  • Fixed issues with sacrifice values on food appearing as -1.
  • Ranged, One-Handed Ranged, and Great Ranged Skill Tree tooltips have been updated to reflect class updates.
  • World bank contents should now appear properly when clicking on a bank from the lobby vault screen.
  • You should once again be able to delete World Banks (the Delete button should now appear correctly).
  • The Armor stat UI should now properly update for any armor value change.
  • War Table UI should now close immediately if open when a siege window begins.
  • Fixed an issue where War Table UI would reflect incorrect XP sacrifice listings.
  • Fixed an issue where you could incorrectly drag the World Bank UI around the screen when viewed in the lobby.


  • Fixed an issue where username changes would not register correctly with chat commands.
  • Fixed issues with the /ignore command not persisting correctly.
  • The Group chat tab should now only appear when another player actually accepts a group invite.
  • Fixed an issue with Whisper chat messages appearing incorrectly to the sender in chat.


  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to use combo powers while the Retaliate prompt was available and the Retaliate prompt is removed when the player is no longer under the effect of a CC.
  • Woodelf Camouflage FX should now appear correctly from all perspectives (caster, friendly, and enemy players).
  • The Camouflage (Wood Elf power) and Invisibility (Illusionist major discipline) power cooldowns will now begin once you toggle the powers off, rather than when you toggle them on.
  • Half Elf power Wildkin’s Retort should now heal you correctly for 6% of your max health over 4 seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where some powers would appear to be ready to cast before their prerequisites were fulfilled (not enough pips).
  • All basic attacks should now occasionally play exertion SFX.


  • Fixed an issue where Assassin toxins could incorrectly cause a permanent poison debuff on targets.
  • Disengage should now play SFX.
  • Fixed a broken string on the Dagger Storm tooltip.
  • The Blackguard passive should no longer heal you when you hit resource nodes.
  • Updated Spirit Dart DoT to use the same hit FX as toxins.
  • Improved Engage to hit more frequently.
  • Assassins should now generate pips off of any basic bow power that is charged more than 66%, the recurve powers have been set up to mimic the compound bow powers.


  • Fixed the cooldown on Leap - there is a 23 second cooldown on both Leap combo powers.
  • Improved the Leap animation so that it appears correctly on uneven terrain.


  • Illuminate will now restore Frostweaver mana.


  • Hellfire Blast should now knockdown and/or stun guards where appropriate.
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Tornadoes would not knock down Elken properly.
  • Meteor Purge should no longer push targets around when it hits.


  • The Pack Avatar buff and Avatar Fatigue debuff will now persist through zoning.
  • Updated retaliate animations.
  • The Pixie Dust and Pix Fix powers (granted by the Pixie major discipline) will now slot into the Life tray instead of the Death tray.


  • The Slayer passive should now be available while in Stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inconceivable animation would loop if you spammed its power key.
  • Fixed an issue where the Flintlock Shot animation would appear incorrectly with only 1 weapon equipped.


  • Cool Ice will now restore Pips, Energy, and Essence for friendly players correctly.
  • There is a cap to the total Ice you can have active, and you no longer restore mana when picking up a piece of Stable Ice while your Ice Stores are full.
  • Fixed an issue where the Frost Armory power spawns 2 VFX models (visual only) instead of 1.
  • Frost Armor no longer adds twice the armor buff when cracked. It will maintain the proper buff when hit by an attack.
  • Fixed an issue with Slush Fund Retaliate not regenerating the stamina correctly.
  • Improved Fae basic attack animations.
  • Cold Ice Weave now has SFX.
  • Refreshing and Cooling Focus Gems will now spawn their payloads at the caster's location, rather than at the target.


  • Block should no longer completely negate Elken Headbutt.


  • Cast Net FX should always disappear correctly after the power ends, both with and without a valid target.


  • You will no longer be able to activate other powers while Righteous Stand (block) is active in order to prevent power breakage.
  • Fixed an issue where Templar can repeatedly use Righteous Parry without a cooldown.


  • Trap power animations should now all play correctly.
  • You should no longer regenerate energy while in melee combat mode (unless otherwise dictated by a skill or talent).
  • Ricochet Shot should now have hit FX on targets.
  • Improved the SFX on Explosive and Concussive Trap powers.


  • The Illusionist major discipline has been updated and now grants the following abilities: Glamour, Invisibility, Petrification Illusion, and the Phantom Armor passive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Water Spirits power cast animation would never end (granted by the Naiad major discipline).
  • The Water Spirits power should now heal properly and play the correct FX and SFX.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tenderize combo power of 'Knife Grinder' major disc was damaging the enemy twice.
  • The Bard major discipline power Hymn of Restoration can now be used on the Druid life tray.
  • Updated the SFX on Bard discipline powers.
  • The Illusionist major discipline power Invisibility can no longer be used while you have a stealth blocking debuff.
  • The Villein exploration discipline power Put Your back into It now receives 5 pips per through the duration of the buff, or 2 hits.
  • Fixed an issue with Keen Eye power FX (granted by Lookout Exploration discipline) persisting after the power has ended.
  • Fixed an issue with Burst of Strength power FX (granted by Survivalist Exploration discipline) persisting after the power has ended.
  • The Escapology passive (granted by the Escape Artist major discipline) should now work properly.
  • Agent Provocateur major discipline power Caltrops FX should now end properly when the power ends.
  • Fixed an issue where Agent Provocateur powers displayed Guinecean burrow FX.
  • The Shield Siege Engineer power (granted by the Siege Engineer major discipline) tooltip has been updated to reflect that it is a channeled cast ability.
  • Frostweavers are now ineligible to equip/use the Blood Pact discipline (as is the case with all pip users).

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