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not generating any essence (?)

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hello could some one help me with a question? im new in the game, im an archdruid, & im not regenerating any essence, also have "quick burn" https://crowfall.gamepedia.com/File:Power_-_Druid_-_Quick_Burn.png (my food its full) any idea why im not generating any essence?

also, "quick burn" should be in the DEATH tray right? ( becose on the text of the power say: " "Quick Burn: tips the scale to toward DEATH, increasing how fast you generate Esscence by 50%"

while "Slow Growth: favors the forces of LIFE, reducing how fast you generate Essence by 50%"

but i see "quick burn"  is active on the LIFE tray as you can see on the next image ( not the best quality, but it can be seen)


some help here please about this doubts


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Archdruid generates essence by healing. You wouldn't want it auto-generating due to essence burn.

Since you only generate essence in the life tray, it makes sense that quick burn works in the life tray, as it will increase the amount of essence you get for each heal.

Only the Stormcaller has auto-generation of essence, as they don't get the life tray.

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