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Hey all,

Ryco Windstorm here. I have been a backer of Crowfall since the begining but until now have been watching its development quietly in the back ground. I reecntly rolled a new charachter Frostweaver (FrostGuard) to test the game and am really pleased with its progress but want to experience some of the group PVP.

Im looking for a guild to play with and will outline a little bit about myself:

1. I was the guild leader of "Immortals" in Albion online which ran sucessfully for many years but due to work commitments I am not looking to start my own guild in crowfall and instead want to join an existing one.

2. I enjoy PVP, this is the main draw to the game for me. I will ofcourse do gathering, crafting and building (I own a medium fort blueprint that i purchased from the store).

3. I am a streamer, previously on Mixer with growing following before they announced the shut down so starting over on twitch www.twitch.tv/rycowindstorm or www.rycowindstorm.live

So I hear you ask, what am i looking for in a guild:

1. Primarliy active people to play the game as it currently is now with a low population. If your guild is activly playing the game now between the hours of 6:00pm - 12:00pm weekdays and weekends then please let me know.

2. Organisation and focus on PVP, dont mind larger guilds with a mix of players or small very specialist PVP guilds.

3. A guild that does not mind me streaming, I will ofcourse do what needs to be done to prevent stream sniping but if your a guild that likes the action or has no issues with streaming let me know!

4. I often play games with my 13 year old son who is insane at PVP, im not sure if he will play crowfall but if he chooses to I would like a guild that would be open to letting him in with me so we can play tother with our new friends. He has played lots of group games with me with older people and used to others using bad language etc.. so people dont have to censor themselves around him but he does have to censor himself around me :) 

5. Its goto be a guild that looks to try progress in the game but also has fun and works together on goals.

So if you think you are the perfect guild for me or know one please let me know.

Good to meet you all folks and look forward to meeting / bashing you in game :)O

Over and out


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