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Aerynth Traders Rebooted - Community Vendor Town

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Don't spend 2 hours farming to get that chest piece with the specific stat you want. Farm for 30 minutes and vendor your unusable gear, bring the cash to Kingdom of Jah and buy the gear with the stats you want.

I mean everyone has experienced it... Run from chest to chest, and end up with fifteen two handed maces, when what you really need is a Spell Book. 

Let us do the grinding, so that you can PvP

Kingdom of Jah, it's there so take advantage.

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From what we can tell it never spins down. We tried to get the EK we actually wanted to use to shut down to see if that would let us save changes and make it public but after hours of not logging into it, it would not shut down.


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  • damebix changed the title to Aerynth Traders Rebooted - Community Vendor Town

Aerynth Traders is now stocked with player made Runetools and Weapons!

Examples Below. The items are white quality but  in most cases better than what you can find as drops, even better than purple.

Note the Damage. This is the most important stat for damage dealers. Advanced crafted weapons also have a lower weapon weight, which reduces cool downs for pip users, resource cost for others, and increases basic attack damage for everyone.

If you want to compare to your current items, Attack Power translates 10:1 to weapon damage. Divide your weapons Attack power by 10 and add that to the damage.

Also, check out that durability.

The crafted weapon and runetool vendors are in the NW and NE end of the vendors.

If you have interest in setting up your own vendor, let us know.





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