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ACE Q&A Livestream for July!


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Are there any plans for free city building over what we have today? If not how about different city designs with actual strategic placement? Bigger worlds more unique?

Any plans to work on other classes? Any plans for passive training rework? 

Will we still see factories? How's the performance improvements going?

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1. I would like to hear the developers prospective of where the Crowfall progress is right now; 

2. To hear their development plans for the nearest future (the next 3 months), what's in the queue;

3. To hear the things they would like to change in the current setup; 

4. To hear when the most crucial implementations like guild banks and small keeps instead of forts will be implemented.


Overall any useful information about the Crowfall's future and what to expect / what is coming will be much appreciated.

Thank you for doing these Q&A sessions every month. Many people anticipate them.

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Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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I am just checking the stream now, so forgive me if I end up cluttering the thread, guys.

About the new spawning bosses: We asked if it was possible to give us a heads up when the big badass spider spawned and you guys said there is no tech for that yet. Fair enough. But @Yoink proposed a 20 min invulnerability buff on spawning. That would be a great temporary fix. Maybe even an actual mechanic.

It does bring up good points about what else can we do with it.

For example I could see a 'rampaging' buff that makes the bosses incredibly strong on spawning instead of simply invulnerable. Maybe play around with their aggro range too.

The opposite could also be a great mechanic. Bosses that get stronger the longer they stay alive. A bandaid implementation would be give them debuffs that fade over time. Hacky for sure but it would work.

And to make sure those bosses arent killed on sight spawning they could get a less specific message. "A evolving boss (I got bad naming sense) has spawned!")

It would be interesting to see everyone going out to find it. Would be a great way to generate activity.

Another idea given by @ArkdinPK was to spawn a mob and use it to send the message. Great fix too. In the spider case it could be a 'cocoon mob'. Just make it invulnerable. A 'portal mob' could be used for general bosses. It would even be nice to have players show up to a fight without knowing what kind of horror would come out of it.

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They talked about EKs a bit. Todd reiterated that vendors will be removed from GR, and he talked about a couple things that need to be addressed with EKs, such as keeping them online and fixing EK settings persistence.

Nothing about VIP.

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Don't call it a Mini Keep, Base, or Smaller Footprint, instead classify it as a Garrison. So now we have Keeps, Garrisons, Forts, and Outpost.

At 18:17 JTodd talks about the Garrison ward room with 5 different access points and a staircase to the objective, if you really want to create different 'combat spaces' from one model, give us 2 or 3 destructible armor clad doors or barricade and allow the defender to choose their location prior to siege going live, so the egress/ingress for that Garrison ward room can have different permutations.

Every Total War game has something like this. 

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@jtoddcoleman You asked about siege timing idea's...

I believe to make this more effective would be to have a system to "hold" zones a little different. Make each zone bigger. 3-5 forts in each zone, 1 keep/"Mini-Keeps". 4-24h timers on each fort, 1 guild/faction/pantheon  to own the majority of forts in an area triggers an 1 or 2 hour window until siege begins on the keep itself. Each time a fort is retaken by the controlling guild add 4h to the timer, up to 24h max hold time. You could also get deeper into it be doing the same with the outpost to forts in a similar manner with the timers going from 30m-4h per outpost timer and 3-5 outpost to the fort. Once Castles/City's are in place, in these "State Zones" have 5-9 forts and as needed outpost. At the start of the campaign have each zone timers set for a specific time zone's and then let the chips land as players interact with it and change the targets timers to suit they're needs, or just be a thorn in the side of that defender.

This way activity can be more predictive and at the same time player activated based off most active times. This also would promote alliances between guilds from different time zones, that many hope will be in further updates, or guilds with multilabel time zones in them.


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@jtoddcoleman @thomasblair

Minor Disciplines:

  • While the "right solution" is being figured out, could drop rates be increased?
  • In the meantime would increase the value/reason to upgrade vessels, re-level/sacrifice, do necromancy, farm mobs, etc.


  • Nerfing damage across the board is not the solution, just as nerfing illusionist did little.
  • Aurora Emitter: Need more options to remove/purge/cleanse debuffs and buffs for that matter. Spread them across races, classes, promos, disciplines not just healer must haves which limits variety. High offensive powers like AE become much less of a concern, it adds more build diversity and strategy.
  • Frostweaver: Long range spam AOE damage and CC with fast casting (bugs or not), "tank" casters that have no downsides (confessor tanks range?), and Frost Armor benefit to everyone.


  • This will never be achieved which is great.
  • Whack a mole "1000s of power changes" seems like an endless cycle. Crossing my fingers though.
  • With so many promos and disciplines being flat out disadvantages to choose, players have limited options.
    • We've lost several disciplines for reasons, but the pool hasn't been refilled.
    • This divides the "great" from "why does this exist," very quickly.
    • If we had 33 viable promos/classes (not amazing, just viable) and every discipline was at least C+ tier, the build variety and everything involving combat would be on another level.



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2 hours ago, mystafyi said:

Really we now have 2 types. Keep/Mini-keep and Outpost/Big Outpost (formerly known as fort) 

I'm speaking more in terms of appellation, for instance, Sun Tzu would attack his enemies Keeps, Castles, Forts, and Outposts. But would he say to his generals go attack that mini-keep? Or would he tell them to attack that Garrison? 

Todd and Blair where stumbling all over themselves for a descriptor, just call it a Garrison the definition fits... From Wikipedia

"Garrison (various spellings) (from the French garnison, itself from the verb garnir, "to equip") is the collective term for any body of troops stationed in a particular location, originally to guard it, but now often simply using it as a home base."


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@jtoddcoleman @thomasblair

Also, I noticed during the live stream you were unaware again of tribes not being seen on the maps. 

The underhill and aracoix have not been on a campaign map nor are they in the infected map. The same goes for ancients. Wolves are totally missing any elder or ancient.  We have had one Ancient Cat.  One ancient auroch. Bears and pigs a plenty. 

The disparity in representation of tribes, ancients and resources needs to be resolved before beta.

  I believe this may also be the reason many are saying minors minors minors.  The fact that the only cheifs represented in infected is embarii, then we get a campaign and there are four hour respawns on 1-3 kings  for this testing population, there is no way it would support 2k in one campaign. 

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