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How much STR/DEX/INT = single crafting point?

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Has anyone worked out how much basic stats equate to a single crafting rank or experimentation rank?
Also wondering if its easy to hit the rank 100 cap on each crafting/experimentation or if the +10 racials to them are super important?

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Attack Power 1 1 1    
Critical Damage     0.05    
Healing Bonus     0.05    
Damage Bonus   0.05      
Critical Strike 0.05        
Resist All 1        
Support Power       2  
Stamina       0.2  
Health         8
Critical Healing Chance 0.05        
Critical Healing Amount     0.05    
Barrier Bonus         2
Block Bonus         0.1
Bleed Resist         1
Alchemy 0.0335        
Blacksmithing   0.0335      
Jewelcrafting 0.0335        
Leatherworking 0.0335        
Necromancy 0.0335        
Runemaking 0.0335        
Stonemasonry   0.0335      
Woodworking   0.0335      
Alchemy     0.05    
Blacksmithing     0.05    
Jewelcrafting     0.05    
Leatherworking     0.05    
Necromancy     0.05    
Runemaking     0.05    
Stonemasonry     0.05    
Woodworking     0.05    
Experimentation Points-          
Alchemy     0.0135    
Blacksmithing   0.0135      
Jewelcrafting 0.0135        
Leatherworking 0.0135        
Necromancy     0.0135    
Runemaking     0.0135    
Stonemasonry   0.0135      
Woodworking   0.0135      
Harvesting- ML Included          
Breaking (Hunger Shard)   0.025      
Skinning 0.025        
Digging   0.025      
Mining   0.025      
Quarrying   0.025      
Logging 0.025        
Spot Weakness-          
Animal     0.08    
Grave     0.08    
Ore     0.08    
Stone     0.08    
Wood     0.08    
Exploit Weakness-          
Animal   0.25      
Grave   0.25      
Ore   0.25      
Stone   0.25      
Wood   0.25      
Critical Harvest Chance-
Animal 0.02        
Grave 0.02        
Ore 0.02        
Stone 0.02        
Wood 0.02        
Criticalical Harvest Amount-
Animal     0.0075    
Grave     0.0075    
Ore     0.0075    
Stone     0.0075    
Wood     0.0075    


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Posted (edited)

To add to Yoink's post, you also get advanced crafting stats from General crafting stats. General crafting stats come from the Crafting Basics tree and from Maestro Hands (necromancy additive). General Crafting stats add to all crafting professions in the following ratios:

5 General Crafting = 1 Assembly

2 General Experimentation = 1 Experimentation

4 General Experimentation Points = 1 Experimentation Point

Regarding the caps, the absolute caps for crafting are 130 for Assembly and Experimentation. 100 is the default. You can increase your caps by 15 by equipping the associated minor discipline (Sawbones for Necromancy, Armorsmith or Weaponsmith for Blacksmith, etc). You can raise your caps another 15 by training in the skill tree.

The default cap for Experimentation Points is 18. You can raise that cap by 4 with a Potion of Sappho (crafted by alchemists) and by another 2 with the Thrall buff. I think the thrall buff can only be obtained in a keep in the Dregs that your guild owns, but hopefully there will be other ways to get it, as it also give +1 pip.

You can get other buffs to your Experimentation Points as well. Sumptuous Pot Pie (cooking) give 1 general pip, which is .25 pips. And the Leadership buff, trained in the Command skill tree, gives 2 general pips (.5 pips).

Edited by Arkade

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