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Oh Yea


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At first I was like oh no not another kickstarter, but dammit this looks so promising, had to throw down that Gold Patron  :D


Really what caught me was a few things.


Firstly the team looks impressive. At the very least its shown they've gone through the MMO development process a few times so at least they have an idea of what they're getting themselves into and experienced with the challenges.


And I also like how the dev team is already saying how they can compensate for missteps. From the PC Gamer article I read earlier today it went,

"It gives us the ability to make mistakes, and enjoy those mistakes," says Coleman, "And have those mistakes come to a natural expiration without having to walk in with a Nerf Stick and hit everything."

I've seen it too many times from all the MMO's and just other games I've played how when one thing is considered OP it just gets nerfed to oblivion and never sees the light of day again. Seems like during the lifetime of this game the dev's plan to take the mistakes and let the issues of the previous campaign help make an even better one after the current one's lifetime ends. Can't think of a healthier attitude to be applied to game development than that.



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