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5.125 TEST Patch Notes for 7/29/20

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Crowfall The Calling Update
Development Build 5.125.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.125 TEST Bug Reports
To report feedback, please go here: 5.125 TEST Feedback
For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues


  • Fixed an issue where a client disconnect would cause all F interactions to break.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the client to crash.
  • Channeled interacts will no longer be interrupted by just looking at another interactable item; however using a primary attack or primary defense will interrupt them. As before, once a held interaction is interrupted, you will have to stop holding the key and press it again to restart the interaction.
  • Improved culling performance on light sources.
  • Fixed an issue where Banewood trees could become friendly to siege Defenders, making them impossible for Defenders to destroy.
  • Sentinel SFX are now controlled by the Ambient SFX audio settings controller.
  • Mobile Banking chest interactions should now work consistently.
  • SFX should now play correctly when mounting a siege weapon.
  • The Elken Two-Handed Sword has a model once again.
  • Caravan pigs should once again disappear properly when their timers run out.
  • All Fort loot chests should now despawn correctly, only when they are completely empty.
  • Intermediate bows should no longer do more damage than advanced bows.
  • Gaea's Glee FX will no longer persist through dodging and jumping.
  • Knight guard NPCs should now animate correctly when performing Whirling Leap.
  • The god statue icons on the map should now be unique to each god.
  • Fixed an issue where High Elf models would display an incorrect hairstyle stacked with your hair choice.
  • Fixed an issue where game assets would briefly disappear immediately after closing your Skill Tree window.
  • Fixed an issue where guard NPCs would appear without weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where tower outpost ladders were difficult to use (especially when trying to go down the ladder).
  • Fixed an issue where some siege weapons would not despawn at the end of the siege window.


  • Slightly increased the amount of barrier health added per stronghold level to Mini Keeps.
  • Fort chests should now give out the correct amounts of resources.
  • Fixed broken collision on Forts in Training Zones of Gods Reach campaigns that were preventing you from entering the buildings.


  • Fixed an issue where buff/debuff icons would stack and obscure your screen.


  • Confessor Moment of Glory talent now correctly says Knockdown instead of Knock Up.
  • Druid Lightning Burst combo should now correctly hit targets while you or the target are moving.
  • Druid Coalesce Life orbs should once again disappear correctly where appropriate.


  • Burning Hatred (major discipline) description has been updated to reflect the correct amount of healing (2%).

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