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Is the PVP in the game the same as Shadowbane?

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There are 5 world types:

Every player gets an Eternal Kingdom, which is your own personal world that you can build. You can turn PvP on or off there, and they are generally used to practice or as merchant hubs.

God's Reach is a PvE only world that serves to introduce new players to the game. It has low level resources, so if you want better stuff, you have to go to the other worlds. There is only 1 faction on this world.

The Infected is a 3 faction PvP world. Only the temple areas are safe. Anywhere else, you can be attacked by players of the other factions, though you don't drop your loot. There are no winners or losers in this world type. The world persists indefinitely, with the scoreboard reflecting which faction controls the most stuff at any given time. Factions can fight over keeps, but there isn't really much point to it, unless you just want to practice between campaigns.

The Shadow is also a 3 faction world, but it has a definitive start and end. Each faction fights to win the campaign. The scoreboard is similar to the infected world, except that at the end, the faction with the most point wins. Players drop their inventory on death. The temple areas and the free city (vendor zone) are the only safe zones. The Shadow is subject to import and export limitations.

The Dregs is guild vs guild, and each guild fights to win the campaign. Players drop their inventory on death. Guilds can own keeps and build them up via the city building mechanics. There is also the divine favor system, which gives guilds various objectives each season that will earn them points toward victory. Like the Shadow, the Dregs is subject to import/export limitations. Different campaigns will have different rules.

Right now most people are on the Test server, testing the new patch. A Dregs campaign just ended, so the only world up there is a God's Reach. They usually bring up an infected world between campaigns, but the patch may be moving to Live soon. The live server has God's Reach and Infected up right now. They will run a Dregs on live once the new patch goes there. The Shadow worlds haven't been up since we started testing Dregs, but they shoud make a comeback once beta starts.

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On 7/31/2020 at 11:39 AM, Tunechi4 said:

You can kill players almost anywhere in the game besides a few NPC safe towns?

yes pretty much the same, only difference is in SB you can hit EVERYONE even your own guild, in CF you can't hit your own guild 

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