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When will we return to the live server?

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56 minutes ago, Surelia said:

if you get an official answer go with that...

until then imo... most likely as soon as the disconnect bug - they are working on atm - is fixed. 

fingers crossed for monday or tuesday ;)

i hope you are right, the migration from live to test server was really bad experience for me cuz when i start to play the game i  was really hyped and then we got update that will require wipe, so everybody leave live server and go to test,  i had a good time  in the test servers , i could learn about craft  and do some small scale pvp in EK but its not the same

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In Alpha state it happens when they bring a patch with significant changes in it. Probably they will update LIVE server next week. Soon there will be a Q&A session so you can ask this question there.

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