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[NA|AUS] Acolytes are Recruiting!

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Thanks for the kind words Barab. We are -loving- this Sureya campaign. Happy to be in the top 5 after the first scoring. 3 more to go!


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Acolytes make history in Sureya finishing 4th place in Divine Favor.  Many thanks are extended to Dis, Hax, and YBR and the numerous good fights put up by our adversaries. The lessons we've learned are invaluable and have plans to enter our next campaign as a tighter-knit sole entity. Now is a wonderful time to apply and make our home your home for the beta period and beyond.

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On 10/8/2020 at 3:11 AM, saneck said:

Hi guys, can i join? i am fresh and need some guidance. have a level 30 vessel

You may!!!! We are going to be making some recruitment requirement changes and you caught us in between them.

Step one: Join https://discord.gg/WxjVUfg
Step two: Check out the #crow_guild_info tab(It's going to change soon though!) fill out an app in discord and reach out to Dheth, Skullknight or wait for an officer to reach out to you.
Step three: Get accepted and join us in learning the game together, kicking ass along the way and having a great time!!!

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