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I'm in Beta Group 6. Should I have access yet?

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You will know your group is invited when you go to the main page at crowfall.com and there is a green button at the top the says "You're invited" (You must be logged in to your account). At least thats what the devs had said

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We've invited Beta Group 4 and 5 so far (alongside the previous groups who have access through their backer pack). We'll send an email to your group when you've been invited in.

Beta Group 6 was a really big cohort, so we had to break it up, but you're in 6.1, so you should get your invite soon!

Jack Kirby
Associate Writer/Customer Service Manager

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Thank you for clarifying. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. I had assumed that access would be blocked until my group was allowed in, but A. I thought maybe we'd have early access to the installer to get things ready to go and B. Hadn't previously seen what group # you guys had invited up to. I appreciate the quick response

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