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Nature's Servants (Druid Role Call!)

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Need to go hunting more then.

Who else plans on making the "Druid" their main?       I know I am! Whoop Whoop ! 

To repeat a previous thread, I think male Druid will be my Crafting toon. I just hope male Druids are as masculine-looking as female Druids are feminine. Maybe a little beefcake man-candy for the ladi

Yep, "Dryad" is usually a female tree spirit in most of mytholologies.

But there are male counterpart too, like the Drus ( http://selkywolf.com/sweetsong/d.html#Drus ), and some other spirits and tree beings in many stories :)


I hope ArtCraft won't use "Dryad" for both female and male characters :)

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I'm already working on my Druid's story. She has a name, a home, and a profession already. 


I've been waiting to know her back story since the very beginning. So pleased! 

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Google what a Dryad is and you find a bunch of pictures that look exactly like the green druid woman.

 If anything, I would say shes part Dryad but not a full one.


I hope they give up lots of options so people can make their druids in their own image.

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The Dark Forest beckons...

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