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Nature's Servants (Druid Role Call!)

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Need to go hunting more then.

Who else plans on making the "Druid" their main?       I know I am! Whoop Whoop ! 

To repeat a previous thread, I think male Druid will be my Crafting toon. I just hope male Druids are as masculine-looking as female Druids are feminine. Maybe a little beefcake man-candy for the ladi

I plan to play a druid, depending on what they do with the male option. I'd expect him to be humanoid much like the female and hopefully neither a satyr or a treant of some sort.


I'd like to see spells that really put the environment to use. From classics like entangling vines to things like causing fissures or clouding an area with fog

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I'll probably be going for druid main and then perhaps confessor and assassin as second and third character.

I don't think I will play more, depends on the amount of work you have to put into a character to get it into being from a competitive point on a high tier.


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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Really happy to see the druid as a class so Im for sure going for it! I love support roles and druid are my go to for D&D!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,

and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." H.P. Lovecraft


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We still know almost nothing that the archetypes will specifically be capable of as far as skills and combat is concerned, but based off purely the knowledge that Druid is a support class (whatever that ends up actually meaning in Crowfall) and it's appearance and snippet of lore we have so far it is my current archetype of choice.

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