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long standing visual noise issues

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hey it's been a year since last visual noise moan

On 8/9/2019 at 1:03 PM, Tinnis said:


mass fights still result in a large degree of 'visual noise'.

a large part of this is the excessively large health bars, but there are obviously many other elements going on as well.

any possibility of a client setting option that would allow you to automatically hide a health bar when it is full?

bonus if you can set:

- separately for enemies, allies and group.

- to only display when lower than a defined %

- to only display when either damaged/healed/shielded within last ~5 (X) seconds

- controls over the maximum size/width of the bar (probably 2-3 times as wide as it should be atm...)
 or alternative shapes such as a minimalist globe [e.g. tyranny minimal 'traffic globe' example]



whenever I see footage of a siege it is a visual mess to look at, let alone to play.

at a certain point it becomes embarrassing to recommend such videos in my personal opinion.

some basic user preferences could greatly help alleviate this

crappy examples

current vs proposed




health for a single target triplicated in increasingly over the top widths?


and the near/far size scaling is still busted 





recent video example from


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18 minutes ago, Ble said:

Pretty sure that’s something they’ll be addressing once the game enters Gamma. Same with visible jumping mounts.

ssh invisible mounts are less visual noise / performance hit, maybe they'll forget!

can only imagine mounts will not mesh well with current overhead ui

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Posted (edited)


On 8/13/2020 at 2:05 PM, Ble said:

Now I get it, invisible mounts are actually for our benifit.  Thats 5.5head MINIMUM


another good example video

one part of the video approaching the on going fight around the portal, it actually looked cool when outside of overhead ui display range and you could actually see some part of the fight...

CLIP: https://streamable.com/qdswgk

FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/0ATbHg4blnk


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