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SWG Sound Off! Who were you? Share a memory!

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I figured since the forum is buzzing with tons of new members, we should do a sound off to see how many of our wonderful friends from the good ol days are here!

I'll start.

Hi! I played on a few different servers under the guise of Nikato (pink haired ponytail entertainer/warrior/crafter) but on the forums I was known as EnterTheWookie. I was pretty popular, especially since I spelled Wookiee wrong xD. 

Honestly my best memories are two fold. The community forums were a passion of mine. I remember the morning coffee threads we use to have and how much fun they were. We were all so...happy and free :). In game it would consist of raiding various rebel outposts on Tatooine with my AT-ST and Storm troopers. Wounding people so their stats would basically be zero even if rezzed...ah yes...good times.

So, sound off! Tell us what you hope to find here as well! 

Welcome Home.

~T. Karrde

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15 minutes ago, SAM_BUKA said:

The hottest fights and best skirmishes in Crowfall are always on the Forum and in the General game chat. That is my favorite part of this game ;) 

I see that! lol

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