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Who's Playing Ranger?

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We can see that (except for the Support Archetypes), icons are made with 2 layers : - The background layer seems to be the basic role, and is common to all concerned Archetypes. - the foreground (an

Maybe, Wererat Scout sounds like a fun spec.

World-weary, grizzled warder? I am all over this.     p.s. hello world

I am playing Ranger, I thought stalker was going to be ranger so if you see my post on that know I am playing Ranger!

I think Human Ranger and Elken Stalker will be an example of 2 races with (basically) the same class. Which answers several threads' question.

I think the K-Mart of MMO's already exists!  And it ain't us!   :)


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World-weary, grizzled warder?


The lore is fantastic, but let's not forget how well the gameplay mechanics can potentially support that lore for Rangers.


An infinite number of dynamic procedurally generated worlds to explore and map points of interest?  Choke points and enemy fortifications/troops to avoid and find another way around?  Mercilessly hunting down enemy bloodstone caravans and then subsequently scouting ahead to secure safe passage from the capture point to the target objective?


This.  A thousand times this.


Let's not forget Rangers have always been the quintessential self sufficient survivors, which should come in handy roaming the Dregs.

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quite a bit of guessing and some assumptions of possible abilities in this thread.  however it's certainly the coolest archetype thus far, IMOA.


being a specialist role would seem to indicate it'll be the least dps of the ranged archetypes though.. 


being 3 pips in both str and dex may indicate the class can just as easily focus melee (or perhaps hybrid both).  ie similar to the knight can focus archer and profession into heavily armored 'archer sentinel'.


also of interest that the archetype shares the same specialist masked icon of the assassin while the duelist has the shovel.  wonder if that indicates they're both stealth archetypes?  duelist could effectively also be a stealth class, they're just not visible 'tunneling'.


could the stalker not have access to stealth?


assuming there's even stealth in the game and how that mechanic may work.

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Considering I have no desire to be some strange creature, the ranger is my calling. Played a scout in SB, this might be closer to one since the stalker is a ranged dps class. My scout in SB was masterfully crafted, never realized it until I had a group of 9 accuse me of stealing a rune and I systematically decimated all of them before making it back to safe ground. That was one of my most fond gaming memories. In fairness, I think only 6 decided to attack though if I remember right.


I look forward to having the opportunity to relive that. 


Srsly tho, I didn't take that stupid rune. It was the stupid thief class and the rest of them believed him... The guy with the stealing abilities. Pfft.

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