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Passive Skill Tree Training and Time Cost per Pip

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Hi everyone!

I was sitting down and doing some more planning for new [EITC] East India Trading Company members, so they can make more informed choices and decisions about their Passive Training. So I decided to try and make it into a graphic view for everyones enjoyment. I decided to make it a graphic one because Crowfall can easily overwhelm any new player already as is. So I hope this helps for anyone trying to mentor new players to the game and help our community grow!
I'll Update this post as I get more materials for more Skill trees, but with the recent wipe, its months before the most* trees I'm missing are applicable.

I've seen a couple of comments about only having to log on "once a week" or similarly to ensure that you dont lose passive skill training points.

So for the sake of everyones awareness, right now all skill trees pool of points to spend cap out at 259200 points before you stop generating points, which would mean you'd need to be accumulate exactly 30 days worth of points before you stop generating more points for the trees you're training.


Crafting Basics Tree

Crafting Trees Time Investment Cost



Exploration Basics



Combat Basics

Armor Tree

Weapons Tree



* - I've not done Combat Basics because I've not deemed the tree as necessary as the others due to it being class dependant and I thought It'd get too cluttered. Can be done at the communitys request.
* - I'm Currently Working on both the Weapons and Reaping skill trees, I'm soon done with the Reaping Tree. The Weapon Tree doesnt get unlocked until more than 60 days has passed so its on the backburner until I've done the Reaping Tree and other projects.

Edit 1:
Added Links because I'm a Doofus and dont know how to properly do a Forum Post.
Added * - markings to make post-script comments about the text easier.
Edit 2: Added the time required to cap out on the amount of passive skill tree points you have to spend for the trees you're currently training.
Edit 3: Added Combat Basics and Weapons Tree.

Edited by CptTryhard
Additional edit.
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