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Hello, I propose to allow a shortcut "WheelDown" and 'WheelUp" for the switch (example: for the druid between healing and attack) and thus allow a change of key for zooming and de-zooming the character (personally I will block it without assigning a key but as an example for the ease of putting the + and - keys of the numeric keypad or the top and bottom of the directional arrows) but in any case to be able to put the shortcut wheel for the switch would really be a great help.

There is also the shortcut "TAB" which can be assigned but still touch the channels.

Solution]: Only allow the channel change with "TAB" when you press the discussion key (ENTER).

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always agree with the proposals that bring more choice on our game ergonomics ^^





toujours d'accord avec les proposition qui amène plus de choix sur notre ergonomie de jeu ^^

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