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hi @TenSixths and welcome to the french community !

Thank you to create this thread

i repeat some things already written in my post and some news later.

1- race name

a) Fils de la pierre (stoneborn)

b) because it's ridiculous but really and also in french it can be associate in a joke to "son of a gripe"  so i really think it's a bad idea to let this

c) Golem  , it's clearly the best word to translate stoneborn

2-race name

a) Elan (Elken)

b) because the "elan" is the animal in french and elken are not animal but humanoid

c) Elken , it doesnt need to be change

3- season 

a) chute

b) because it's a wrong translate in french "chute" is not a season but it means "tumble"

c) Automne , it's the right word


4- campaign name (dregs)

a) déchets 

b) because "déchets" means waste i dont think dregs are waste...
c) DREGS , if dregs is not a acronym i think you can let it like that for now maybe we can discuss about something to change it but definitely  not "déchets"


5-god's reach name

a) portée de dieux

b) because it's strange and it not really understandable for new player 
c) we made a poll into the french community and we want to purpose : "Les rivages divins" 

This part is really important that's why i insist, moreover  you got a poll from community and it can be easier to explain the different lvl of hunger contamination with this kind of name 


6- animal name

a) pécari

b) because the "pécari" is a animal which doesnt exist in France and there is one common pig for that 

c) Sanglier  /  Cochon sauvage


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two translation a little bit linked 

a) gold (for the monney)

b) because it's an english word^^

c) pièce d'or or pièce de monnaie


a) "aurillium" for the ressources 

b) because it's not really used in french 

c) Or 

I put these two in the same post cause you may translate "Gold" by "Or" but it's better to let "or" for "Aurellium" and to put "Pièce d'or" for "Gold" 

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2 translations weird inside passive skills


a) weird letters (can't write them) link

b) it's just an unrecognized character problem.

c) "•••••"


a) "Pépins de foi"

b) because "Pépin de foi" is "Seed of faith" if translated literally, It doesn't mean much.

c) "Points" or something like this

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Inside the crowfall store on the website

a) Immeubles

b) because it's specific, Batiment is more like Building, Immeuble is too specific and also too modern as a translation, the word Immeuble is confusing, whereas batiment is a broader word that better for the category.

c) Batiments

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5 hours ago, bejoulz said:

can pass through stone fence - 1709, 1, 1788

Welcome to the forums.

The topic of this thread is about english->french translation issues.
Though there is a chance that someone from the team may coincidentally stumble over it here and forward it to the right people, this kind of bug should be reported in the according playtest bug report thread, because that's the one the Q&A team follows most intense.

If you do so, when it comes to local bugs like yours, please also make sure to mention the name of the world and island (map) where it happened. Otherwise the coordinates won't really help, because they only indicate the location for the according map. You can find the names above the coordinates. (Names of already closed worlds can be found in the "completed" column when browsing the according campaign type).


Hope this helps.

Have fun, good luck - and again, welcome to the crowd. :)


Join - Discord Channel 

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10 hours ago, tromort said:

Bonjour toute les quettes son en anglais dur de comprendre du-coup certaine fonction du jeux.

Salut et bienvenue sur le forum @tromort !

Le topic est fait pour les problèmes de traductions que tu peux voir en jeu (il y en a plusieurs comme tu peux constater) et on est là pour suggérer des termes plus adaptés :) Pour ce qui est de la traduction des quêtes, c'est juste pas encore traduit du tout mais ce sera fait en tout cas (on en est encore qu'au début de la beta). Il se focus sur la traduction pendant cette phase de beta, patiente encore un peu pour voir apparaître les quêtes en français lorsque ce sera disponible et faire des retours sur la traduction ici si tu vois des choses qui ne sont pas compréhensibles :) 

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14 hours ago, tromort said:

Bonjour toute les quettes son en anglais dur de comprendre du-coup certaine fonction du jeux.

si tu as des problèmes de compréhension n'hésites pas à passer sur le discord communautaire tu as le lien dans la partie francophone du site et on pourra t'aider

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in blacksmith recipes: 

the one circled in red is incorrectly translated but the one that is underlined is good

a) crosse d'arme

b) the one circled in red is incorrectly translated but the one that is underlined is good, the one circled is crafted in leatherworking or woodwork

c) poignée d'arme 

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Two differents  ore got the same translation, one is good the other one is totally wrong 

on the left "argent" is correct for silver on the right it's wrong you need to write "étain" for tin .

@TenSixths can you please change that as fast as possible it's an issue for many craft 

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a) "augmentant"
b) because it is the reverse of a good translation
c) "réduisant"

a) triste lamentation
b) because we talk about sings so you might as well put a name in connection with the music
c) complainte des lamentations

here you can change the text like that :

"Complainte des lamentations résonne pendant 12 secondes réduisant la puissance d'attaque de 150 et la puissance de soin de 150  jusqu'à 5 ennemis dans un rayon de 5 mètres."

(edit: i cant insert image with BBcode )

Edited by royo
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  • 2 weeks later...

Greetings Crows!

First, I want to acknowledge that an official response in this thread is overdue. We're busy bees trying to get Crowfall to launch, and your patience and continued support is greatly appreciated. The replies so far have been excellent; this is exactly the kind of feedback that we are looking for. 

Second, I want to explain what the process for correcting these issues looks like from the developer side:

We are working with a reputable game localization team to review and correct/improve all of the non-English strings in Crowfall. Verifying that the translations work in context and making them consistent across all of the game and website is no small task. The posts that you make here (as well as the ones made in previous threads) are being collected and added to a report by our QA team; that report will be handed to the translators for review at the beginning of the localization quality assurance (LQA) process, so your responses will have a very real impact on the way that we translate the game client. This effort will continue all the way through launch and beyond. I will update and close this thread when the first LQA pass has been started in French, then I will create a new thread to get your feedback on whether the new translations are quality and to identify which strings still need to be modified.

While I cannot guarantee that all of your suggestions will be approved and integrated, I can guarantee that they will be read and considered. Crowfall's international community has been a huge part of our success story since the very beginning; we take your feedback very seriously and we owe it to you to deliver a game you can enjoy in every language that we support. 

Thank you for helping us reach that goal, and please continue to suggest improvements!

Max Lancaster, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

Follow us on Twitter @crowfallgame | Like us on Facebook

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10 hours ago, royo said:

@MiracleMax, thanks for this answer. 

Just to know, Is there an interest in raising the problems of texts that do not fit in the boxes or that translation errors?


Good question. We have a backlog of those issues in our database already, and we'll start cleaning them up after the "final" translations are in closer to launch. No need to report those cases at this point in time; just the translation errors. 

Max Lancaster, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

Follow us on Twitter @crowfallgame | Like us on Facebook

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