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20 hours ago, TenSixths said:

a) What translation needs to change?
b) Why does it need to be changed?
c) What do you believe should it be changed to?

First Answer

a) The german translation. (The others, of course, too ... but this is the german thread, so...)
b) Because it contains too many suboptimal, often bad or misleading and sometimes just wrong translations, which harm the reputation of the game and company.
c) To a translation which is able to undoubtedly proove that this company is not one of those (unfortunately usual) gaming companies who just want to get some additional money from other markets, without taking those markets audience actually serious, let alone be willing to invest additional work.


These answers may appear sarcastic, unproductive and useless ... but they are not. They point out the basics, as I see them, after having fought on behalf of serious, useful and effective localization for five years now.

The current translation is much better than ... well, let's just say it went better over the years. At least we got rid of "Rennen" for "Races" and "Beschädigte Pferdehaut" für "Corrupted Horse Skin". Still, the current translation is bad enough to make new people leave the game quite fast and even oldest crows to tell people to either come back later or at least definitely NOT use the german translation. That should tell enough.

The translations need a complete overhaul, done by people who know what they are doing, who are familiar with fantasy and gaming and the regarding terms, who are fluid and creative in german beyond native speaker level and who take their job not just serious but with passion.

Unfortunately, as much as I don't like to say this, the mass of the german community won't be able to be very helpful.
In my experience, the "mass" of the language community lacks the abilities to find good translations themselves, even if provided with some options. I did some surveys myself, and if the majority results would find their way into Crowfall, in most cases it would be worse than before.
Also most of our "master translaters" burned out throughout their years of suffering or just went into the shadows (which is basically the same). And those sufferings are based on company decisions. So don't expext that a snap with the fingers will suddenly breath new life and enthusiasm into those who would be able to really help, as if nothing happened before. Just saying.

I understand that the approach of this thread should be understood as a helping hand, reaching out to the community, showing that the company cares and not just cares, but actively invites us to participate in aiming to achieve a mutual goal, making this game better.

But ... we had this before. Countless times. The results ... well, the current translation. 🙄

I am just telling this to inform and, hopefully, help to understand that - if the community is to be involved (which would be better in the long run), this may not just be a simple translation/bugfinding job. It may also need country-customs and crowfall-historic sensitivity at it's best.

European players are used to not being treated well and/or taken serious by big overseas companies. So they are quite sensitive in those regards. Treat them well, and they will be loyal to the grave. Even slightly hint by actions that you don't really care, and they will never trust you, at all. That's an unfortunate truth. There has been, uh, some bumps on the road. At some point someone will pay the price for the broken wheels. The earlier, the better. In case of doubt, at the very end the company reputation will pay it.

Second Answer

I don't even need to play the game by joining a world to find stumbling blocks and issues. I just need to log in, take a look at the lobby, and it starts. I didn't take a look at the german ingame translations for months now. I only took a look just now in order to answer this thread. So the list is not in order of importance, but simply in order of appearance.

1. Lobby

  • Header Title: "Vault" -> "Gewölbe".
    Gewölbe is usually a solely architectonically used term. To describe the ceiling of a church main hall, or a cambered foundation of a dungeon. Actually, in a fantasy environment Gewölbe would be understood as "dungeon". This is not a dungeon, this is the account bank. Nobody will understand it and associate Gewölbe with their account bank, it just doesn't belong there. It could and should be some simple matter-of-fact term like "Bank" (bank) or, if it really needs to be more vaulty, at least something comprehensible like  "Schatzkammer"  (treasure chamber).
    (Btw.: The "Advanced Weapons" tab within the vault isn't translated)
  • Header Title: "Skills" -> "Fertigkeiten".
    This is not really a translation issue, but more of a definition issue based on inconsistencies produced by the devs themselves. Fertigkeiten are accomplishments learned by active training - the body knowing what to do, due to active training. But these "Skills" are passive training. Lorewise they are "slowly, passively and over time, remembering what the player knew in the former life" The correct term would be "Kenntnisse" (a mix of knowledge and skill). Even Fähigkeiten (abilities) would be better than Fertigkeiten. Or simply stick with the original if need be. Skill is a known gaming term.
  • Category Title: "God's Reach" - "Gottes Reichweite".
    "Gottes Reichweite" is "God's (singular) range". Reichweite is a technical term, like for cars. And Gottes is singular. That's not the meaning of God's Reach. It 's original meaning is "Nearest to the realms and within the grasp of the 12 gods ... and therefore the safest of the dying worlds". Even "Vorgarten der Götter" (front garden of the gods) or "Vorhof der Götter" (front yard of the god's) would be better than Gottes Reichweite. It needs to make sense in the original meaning.
  • Button: "Enter" (world category) -> "Beitreten".
    "Beitreten" is "Join", like in "joining a guild". But clicking on this button only opens a list of worlds. There is no joining. "Betreten", like it is used for other "enter" buttons later on, would be better. Or something in the meaning of "Öffnen" (open), since it is simply opening a list.

1.1. Käufe (Purchases) -> Item Names

  • "Parcel Woodland Grove//Hills//Creek" -> "Parzelle Holzland Waldhain//Hügel//Waldbach".
    a) Parzelle is OK, if it needs to be most close to the original. But "Grundstück" would be, by far, more common and fitting. Parzelle is more like plot. And plot doesn't really fit for things like a mountain range, right?
    b) Holzland is one of those really really dumb literal translations nobody would understand. In german, Holz (wood) is solely used as term for the material itself ... not the tree and not the forest, nothing else. And land is mostly associated with "country". So Holzland is like saying "plank-state" (great name for a DIY superstore btw.). Here "Woodland" is aiming to indicate a specific type of landscape; associated with moderate climate and mixed forests. As in "opposite to other landscapes (those the devs plan to introduce later on), like deserts or swamp areas" ...  therefore the distinction and specific (and repeatingly used for several parcels) naming. So the translation needs to fit those reasons. "Waldlandschaft" or "Waldgebiet" (forest region) would be a correct term. "Waldland" would be OK (especially if needs to be short - which it does).
    c) Since Wald NEEDS to replace Holz, it shouldn't be part of the specific parcel names. So Grove is just "Hain", Hügel for Hills is OK, Creek is "Bach" or "Bachlauf".
    d) So -> Grundstück: Waldland Hain//Hügel//Bach
  • "Manor" -> "Landhaus".
    This term means "country house". Theoretically correct. But those buildings will be used in cities, and then it won't be a "country house", right? So the better term would be "Herrenhaus". 
  • "Cottage"//"Lodge" -> "Häuschen"//"Hütte".
    Häuschen for Cottage means little house. Hütte for Lodge means hut. Both doesn't fit. Now, I get why this happened. Someone looked up a translation for Lodge and found Hütte in some dictionary and used it. Then looked up a word for Cottage, found also Hütte, but already used that, so looked for some other crook, uh, translation.
    a) The Cottage is the smallest one-room building in the game. It's basically a hut. And that's the right translation: "Hütte". It's not a Häuschen. A Haus (house) is by far larger than a hut. And a small house (häuschen) also still is.
    b) The Lodge is the centerpiece building of the smallest stronghold, the fort - which is associated with the "Village Parcel". It is by far larger than the cottage, and therefore it's term can not be one for a smaller building. It's the meeting hall of the village, the place where the chieftain of the tribe resides. Possible translations could be "Festhalle" (festival hall), "Versammlungshalle" (meeting hall), "Jagdhütte" (hunting lodge) or, even if less known as a term, just "Loge".
  • "Fallen Colossus Hamlet Parcel" - "Weilerparzelle Gestürzter Koloss"
    a) Consistency please, OK? Those will be listed in backer rewards and ingame. This is a parcel. A piece of land. People will have to sort through this stuff, beneath countless other things. As said above, "Grundstück" is the better translation for parcel. Be it Grundstück or Parzelle, this word should always stand first in the item name of all parcels. 
    b) "Weiler" is a poorly made dergsty name for this parcel type. So ancient that it is completely unknown to most people. The meaning is "small village". This 2-cell landpiece is one level below the 3-cell "Village". And a common word for a small village is "Siedlung" (settlement). (And to prevent further irritations down the road, an "Estate" (the next smaller unit in the row) is not a "Siedlung" but a "Anwesen" or "Landgut". It has only place for 2 houses or what, can't call that a Siedlung.)
    c) Last not least: This special piece of land, the "fallen colossus" variation of the hamlet parcel, is an exclusive item, only provided to Investors. It needs to look good, and it needs to not be named stupid. "Gestürzter" means fallen over, more like tumbled than fallen. This giant hero statue is one of a fallen warrior, like fallen in war ... not the remains of an idiot who couldn't successfully put one foot in front of the other. So the right name ist "Gefallener Koloss". 
    d) So -> Grundstück: Siedlung (Gefallener Koloss)
  • "Imperial Palace" -> "Kaiserpalast"
    Yeah, I know, now I am getting picky. First of all, thanks for this translation. The former "Imperialer Palast" was simply unbearable. So thanks. However. Imperial means pertaining to an empire/emperor. Kaiser means emperor, so that's kind of right. But the translations misses the "pertaining to" part. And, there are no emperors in Crowfall, only kings. "Kaiserlich" would be right.
    And Palace is mostly used for pompous building without defensive significance, usually for palaces like those of ottoman sultans. The right german word in the stronghold hierarchy (after castle and citadel) would be "Schloss". 
    So -> Kaiserliches Schloss (or just "Schloss" or "Herrschaftliches Schloss").
  • "Grassland Parcel" -> Farmlandparzelle.
    Again, consistency. Parcel first. Then, farmland was the old name. It got renamed recently to grassland, in order to be more distinguishable from the former farm pacel, now homestead parcel. Grassland could be translated to Grasland. But maybe simply "Wiese" (grassland/meadow) would be better. So -> Grundstück: Wiese or Grundstück: Grasland
  • "Guild Hall - Company Garrison" -> Gildenhalle Kompaniegarnison
    That's a fiddly one, i know. But in german Garnison nearly solely refers to a certain "type" of troop, a standing army. Kompanie also refers to a certain type of troop (by size). So Kompaniegarnison sounds like Batallionstormtroop. What garrison means is "Stützpunkt" or "Standort", while the first is the more commonly used term in military context (like naval base = Flottenstützpunkt). So "Gildenhalle: Kompaniestützpunkt"  might make more sense.

Final words

That's enough for today. This list could go on and on. Even in the ingame lobby without real gameplay. Some minor, some major, some just no-go's. Like, in the settings, the Recall function (which teleports the character back to the temple) is translated as Widerrufen (revoke). Greetings to Martin Luther.

This ~pointingabove~ was about 15 minutes of taking a look at the lobby and making short notes. And about 2.5 hours of writing 2/3 of the noted stuff down and explaining it (I know, I am lazy, but i'll just scrap the last 1/3 today). End of story: Complete, serious and competent overhaul needed. As simple as that.

(And just as a side note: I understand that from a certain point of of view it makes sense to start this topic in english. Because, it's about translation, right? And that includes 2 languages. So, best to work with people who do understand english, right?
No offense meant ... but ... to be very very frank (and maybe even blunt), it's not right (and also not quite a good sign, soddasay). Because this is not (or shouldn't be) about speaking/understanding english well, but about speaking/understanding german well. Ain't this thing all about people who actually don't speak/understand english well? I mean, that's why there is need for a translation, right? So maybe, I don't know, but the "appearance" of "well, we speak english, so if you don't, who cares, for we don't"  just doesn't sit too well with me. Of course we will take what we can get, but ... yeah. )


Well. Good. That's that.

This concludes "A New Arrival" - Translation Wars, Book 376298. If you liked or disliked or ignored this book, please make sure to leave a comment on our website. We appreciate all your work and efforts and hope to see you soon again.

Have fun, good luck


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On 8/18/2020 at 3:34 PM, Kraahk said:

Complete, serious and competent overhaul needed. As simple as that.

I really, really appreciate you taking the time to write this up this analysis, Kraahk. Thank you.

Pann did make me aware some time ago that the Crowfall community was concerned (to put it lightly) about the German localization for the game, but we were not in a good position to do anything about it at the time. Now that we are in Beta, we are taking a very serious look at the translations we have and will make adjustments as necessary.

We recently partnered with a vendor that has substantial experience translating video games - including fantasy RPGs -  and I intend to send them a report of the feedback we've received from the community so far. The first time they reviewed our strings (in multiple languages, not just German), they reached out expressing concerns that echoed your own, so I am confident they'll be able to make some huge improvements... but I need you, our community, to be the final judge of that.

It sounds like there may be too many cases of poor German translations in the current client to meaningfully list in this forum thread, so my next step will be to reach out to this new partner and have them do an extensive LQA pass, checking the strings in the context of the game and making edits where they see fit. If there are any sections of the game with particularly egregious translations (the lobby and web store sound like great places to start), that would be helpful information to pass along. They can turn their attention there first.

Our international community has played a tremendous role in our success so far and we owe it to them (you!) to deliver a product that can be properly enjoyed in every language we support. Thanks again, and please keep the feedback coming. 🙏

Max Lancaster, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

Follow us on Twitter @crowfallgame | Like us on Facebook

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Quick update:

The LQA process for German strings on the game client has begun and I expect it to reach completion sometime during the 6.200.0 phase. Once our translators have made their edits and access to a 6.200.0 build has been made public (on TEST), I will post a new thread asking you to examine the refreshed translations and give your feedback.

Locking this thread. Thanks!

Max Lancaster, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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Hello Crows,

The German translations received an LQA pass that should be reflected in the 6.300.0 LIVE client. There may be some translations missing because they tend to lag a bit behind our data changes, but the German translations that are there should be substantially improved from previous versions. If they are not, we'd love to know what needs to change. This feedback will be collected and forwarded to our localization partner. 

Previously, @Kraahk stated "the current translation is bad enough to make new people leave the game.I would love to hear - at the bare minimum - that this is no longer true.

The remaining missing strings are being translated as part of the 6.400.0 milestone (and they will also be QA'd in context).

Thank you in advance for your continued assistance and your commitment to making Crowfall great. 


Max Lancaster, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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3 hours ago, Jamin said:

@Koerpermilch@CrusaderW perhaps you can do a general check when you play in GER :)

Ok sir :( 


23 hours ago, MiracleMax said:

Hello Crows,

The German translations received an LQA pass that should be reflected in the 6.300.0 LIVE client. There may be some translations missing because they tend to lag a bit behind our data changes, but the German translations that are there should be substantially improved from previous versions. If they are not, we'd love to know what needs to change. This feedback will be collected and forwarded to our localization partner. 

Previously, @Kraahk stated "the current translation is bad enough to make new people leave the game.I would love to hear - at the bare minimum - that this is no longer true.

The remaining missing strings are being translated as part of the 6.400.0 milestone (and they will also be QA'd in context).

Thank you in advance for your continued assistance and your commitment to making Crowfall great. 



I haven't played the game in German much so far, due to what @Kraahk mentioned above and due to playing with English-speaking people, but just starting with the first point in his feedback list:
Vault is translated as "Gewölbe" (room with arched ceiling) instead of a clearer term like "Tresor" (= safe, not very fantasy-like) or "Schatzkammer" (= treasure chamber, more fantasy-like):
This is still the same.

"God's Reach" translation still the same, on top of that it's inconsistently translated as either "God's Reach" or "Reach of God", "Enter" button translation still the same and there is probably more that is unchanged which was mentioned in Kraahk's post last year already.

Lobby will get reworked, so maybe not worth going into that topic at all at the moment.

Point is though - there was valuable feedback from native Germans who are super familiar with the game previously and displayed a way above average mastery of their native language, yet there was no follow-up on that feedback. Not very engaging/motivating if you ask me.
At least not here, maybe Kraahk got a message about translators not agreeing with his feedback points and that's why these haven't changed, so correct me if I'm wrong.
Imo it's not gonna be productive if you just gather feedback from us here and then we have no idea what's happening with it.

Either way, after checking just the ingame UI:

  • Stat caps like e.g. "Spirit Cap" are translated as "Spirit Lid" (Geisterdeckel). I guess you can imagine how much sense "Spirit Lid +250" makes to a new player.
    Now if you hover over the respective stat, you can see the "Cap" being translated as "to limit" (Begrenzen) instead of just calling it the limit/cap.
    So not only are stat caps inconsistently translated (= no glossary exists for that?), their context just makes little sense to a new player.

    The opposite of the "Cap", the "Floor" values, are translated as "Ground" in German. Not sure if I would use that term there, even in English I'd argue that it might be confusing. If I were to translate them, I would just call them Upper Limit/Lower Limit (= Obergrenze/Untergrenze) or check out if that term is used already in other games.
  • Constitution in German is "Verfassung" and translated as such but the abbreviation in the stat UI is still "CON". 
  • "Geist" doesn't need to be shortened to "GST" in the stat UI, as 5 letters are apparently fitting just fine, see "Dexterity" (= Geschicklichkeit) being abbreivated as "GESCH" as well.
  • Item names have multiple issues, let's take "Maeve's Luminous Cap of Toughness" here for example.
    It's translated as "Maeve's Radiant Lid of Toughness" and comes with incorrect grammar on top of being a lid instead of a cap.
    The gender of a cap is female in German, so with that in mind it would need to be "Maeves strahlende Kappe der Zähigkeit".
    Since the translations themselves are perfectly fine in terms of grammar in most other locations, I suspect that your item names are a combination of strings.
    E.g. when I worked on a certain Korean game, the strings for items would stitch together multiple other strings to create their names:
    {0} {1} {2}
    {0} would be Maeve's, Kane's, Gaea's,...
    {1} would be Luminous, Sturdy,...
    {2} would be Cap of Toughness, Breastplate of the Gifted,...

    If that is the case you are setting your translators up for a lot of pain, because in languages where objects have genders amongst other grammar differences this will cause issues.
    If that's not the case and it's just one string, your translators might have just messed up with "replace all" or something.
  • Chat tabs:
    Combat Log is translated as "Combat Diary". Sounds kinda cute, but it's weird.
    Me is not translated
  • Inconsistent use of dashes to combine multiple nouns into one word:
    In Germany sausages are worshipped, that's why we make them even out of words.
    So e.g. your "Chocolate Rice Waffle" in English becomes "Schokoladenreiswaffel" in German. 
    Dashes can be used to improve readability or when one of the other x rules - that I don't know by heart - applies (= e.g. Schokoladen-Reiswaffel).
    But generally, dashes only start being used when more than 3 words are combined or when readability is at risk.
    So remove the dash in the image below between Intellect and Cap, just like it was already done for the others and make sure the translators have guidelines for the use of dashes and follow them.
  • Line breaks in multiple places split words up in incorrect ways, probably hard to fix with character limitations in UI and German sausage words. Manually added line breaks by translators might be required if character limit per line is exceeded due to sausage word.
    Schadensbonus ==> 

    Unterstützungskraft ==>
  • Lots of text, especially skill tooltips, are not translated yet


I don't know man, this is just the "Once upon a time... " of this story. I could make this post 4-5 times as long based on the remaining screenshots I took in the first 10 minutes of the game but as you can guess, taking the screenshots is the least amount of effort in providing feedback.
Maybe just gathering targeted feedback for specific areas (Character UI, skill tooltips, Lore, Crafting UI, EK,.. ) would make giving feedback easier, because there would be a lot to check on. Even though I'd gladly give some feedback here, the amount of work required to go through the game's loca and provide actionable feedback is just too much.

Of course the easiest way would be if access to the localisation files is granted (Crowdin, files directly, whatsoever) but I have no idea what your policy on that is.


Edited by Koerpermilch
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1 hour ago, Koerpermilch said:

Of course the easiest way would be if access to the localisation files is granted (Crowdin, files directly, whatsoever) but I have no idea what your policy on that is.

That would be for the best.

The PT-BR translation is really, really bad. To the point it is baffling someone who is getting paid would commit such mistakes.

Were the texts easily available and a promise that our efforts are not gonna be wasted made I would be more than willing to PR it. And I am sure there would be others to help in other languagens like german.

The first thing we ask a newbie that joins our discord looking for help is to change the game language back to english so that we can explain things properly. It is really bad...

Edited by BarriaKarl
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On 1/8/2021 at 2:22 AM, MiracleMax said:

Hello Crows,

The German translations received an LQA pass that should be reflected in the 6.300.0 LIVE client. There may be some translations missing because they tend to lag a bit behind our data changes, but the German translations that are there should be substantially improved from previous versions.


Ok. ~gettingheadache~

I just deleted a lot of what I've written. It's too long to expect anybody to really read it all. It's still too long, though. ~sigh~

Anyways, since this thread is open again now, and it has been said there was an LQA pass, I took the time and just walked to 6.3 God's Reach, zapped through different windows, without searching fervently for errors. Just click, short look, next. Found about one issue per minute (39 total).

Here are some of them:





- Basic short sword = Einfaches Kurzschwert
- Basic dagger = Normaler Dolch
- Basic sickle = Standard Sichel

Herein Basic is translated as Einfach (simple), Normal (normal) or Standard (standard). "Basic" is not just a nice word, showing that something is not awesome. It has a meaning. It's a general crafting category! So the translation needs to be the same, to indicate the affiliation to this category ... as it is in the english original. "Einfach".


- Normaler Dolch
- Normales Ritual
- Normaler Überlebenskünstler

This is about "basic". It indicates the lowest quality. The lowest quality is not "normal", it's not the standard, it's where we all start and what most won't use - it's the base. So a possible and fitting translation for items is "Einfach" and for knowledge it is "Grundlagen". But it's not "normal".



- "Hide" is translated to "Verstecken". That means hiding (from someone). The correct term would be "Haut" (skin) or better "Tierhaut" (skin from animals). 

- "Fuel" is translated to "Treibstoff". That is the word for the gasoline/propellant meaning of fuel. No idea why you called this category fuel in the first place. Probably because it's so fancy. Well, here is your fancy. ~pointingabove~

- "Lacing sinew" is translated to "Schnürungssehne". That's a literal translation of the single words (lacing = Schnürung, sinew = Sehne) and then just putting them together artifically. Only this word doesn't exist in german. And it sounds absolutely stupid. Like, i dunno, "wrapping-neck" for "scarf". "Schnur aus Sehnen" (cord made of sinews) would make most sense. However, if there is the unavoidable need of an artificial combination, the dominant categorizing part of the combined words has to be put at the end. Like "Erdbeer-Eis" is ice(cream) made of strawberries, while "Eis-Erdbeere" is a strawberry made of ice. Before processing it is a sinew (Sehne), after processing it is a lacing (Schnürung/Schnur). So if at all, it would be a Sehnenschnürung or Sehnenschnur.

- "Stitched leather" is translated to "Gestepptes Leder". Someone put some pretty good work into that one, that needs to be applauded, good job. It's an uncommon word in german, but it exists and is very close - as a standalone it could be perfect. But it doesn't stand alone, so there is a contextual issue.
The next product in the list is "Leather Padding". Both is, of course, stitched. But one is "only" stitched (the stitched leather), which in german is "Genäht", and the other one (the padded leather) is stitched in those squared fields (filled with something or covering something), which in german is "Gesteppt" (and only! this kind of stitchwork is called that).
So "Stitched Leather" should be "Genähtes Leder" and "Leather Padding" should be "Gestepptes Leder" (or "Gepolstertes Leder" (padded/upholstered leather) if you want to stay consistent with the "padded" named stuff from metalworking when you use "Gepolstert" there, too).



- The Original "Slot: Mount" is translated to "Slot: Befestigung", which means "Slot: Fortification". The correct word is "Reittier" (mount).

- Two different horse names are used in the right tooltip. It says:
"Schnelles-Kriegsross-Reittier-Figur" (Fast-Warhorse-Mount-Figurine) ... and then
"Gewährt das Reittier - Schnelles Vollblut" (Grants the Mount - Fast Thoroughbred)

- Also the overuse of "-" is just hilarious. "Schnelles Kriegsross Reittier-Figur" would be ok. Or better "Reittier-Figur: Schnelles Kriegsross"



- "Confessor" is translated with "Bekenner", which yes, is the correct translation. Just not here. Because in this case "Confessor" is one of the classes, therefor a Name and is translated as "Konfessor" everywhere else.


- "Chest" is translated as "Truhe", which means "coffer". Correct would be "Oberkörper" (torso).



- "Plague" is translated as "Plage", which means "Scourge/Nuisance". I assume what is meant is "Seuche" (plague/pestilence) or Krankheit (Disease).



"Bearer's Insignia" is translated to "Insignien des Tägers".

1. It's probably meant to say "Insignien des Trägers", there is an "r" missing. Simple spelling mistake.
2. Since I am already on that one, I am not sure it reflects the intended meaning. Because "Insignien des Trägers" means "Insignias of the Carrier". First it's plural and second I suppose it refers to the standard-bearer, which has also a place in this game. Since there is no further meaning behind "Träger" other then "someone who is carrying something" it doesnt reflect the intended meaning. That could be done by "Insignie/Abzeichen des Bannerträgers/Herolds"



"Pepperbox Shot" has been translated with "Pfefferdosenschuss". There are no "Pfefferdosen" in germany, except of those you use to put pepper onto your meal.
But there are "Pfefferbüchsen" (pepper can), old casual name for those firearms, while a casual term for those crafting firearms has been "Büchsenmacher" (can maker). So if at all, it would be "Pfefferbüchsen-Schuss" or "Pfefferbüchsenschuss" if need be.



- "Mace" has been translated with "Keule". A "Keule" is the most simple version of a club made of wood or bone. A Mace is a "Streitkolben". If it is preferred to use a category term for crushing weapons in general at this place, it would be "Schlagwaffe" (beat weapon).



- Something went wrong with the strings there. The german "Schalte eine Großdisziplin-Slot frei." says "Unlock a major discipline." while the english string says "This talent grants the [Lunge] power." (And even if it would be right, it would have to be "Hauptdisziplin" instead of "Großdisziplin" for "major discipline, just like translated in other places)



- "Crushing damage" has been translated to "Zerquetschschaden". That's "Squishingdamage". It's just, well, it sounds really silly. It's not too hard to categorize damage types in a way that makes sense. Countless games have done so before. For decades. Well structured. Come on.



"Stamina: The ability of a vessel to exert itself and remain active"
has been translated to
"Ausdauer: Die Fähigkeit eines Gefäßes zur Selbstanwendung und um aktiv zu bleiben."
This literally says, in the understanding of a normal human:
"Endurance: The ability of a (blood)vessel for self-application and to remain active."

I mean ... ~shrugginghelplessly~ ... seriously?

Yes, vessel is a poorly made dergsty word. It's so cool they found it because they didnt want to say body like anybody else does ~wigglewithallfingers~ , no matter what that means for other languages ~lookingattheceiling~. Fine, i get that - I even agree.
But ... what is meant with "exert" is exertion. The ability of the ingame-character to put energy into actions and to keep on doing so. That's what's meant. It's not that hard to get that, especially if it says "Stamina" beforehand.
"Stamina: Die Fähigkeit eines Körpers Energie aufzuwenden und aktiv zu bleiben."
See, i just did it.
Ok, make it "Die Fähigkeit eines Gefäßes sich anzutrengen und aktiv zu bleiben." if you insinst to keep it as literal as possible. 😛 But there you go.



- Grid is translated to "Raster". Which is theoretically correct. Just that's it's not a "Raster" (grid/pattern) but a "Feld" (field/box/area).



"Seasoning" is translated to "Würzmittel". One of the (quite many) examples of overcomplicating things. It's simply "Gewürz", done. Nobody says Würzmittel. Why not "Geschmacksmodifikationsreagenz"?
(Also, Cooking-Reagent ... really strange name for a simple cooking ingredient, ACE. Because fancy? Oh, right. I forgot.
It's only that it's translated to "Reagenz" in german, and in german a Reagenz is only used in chemical labs, you know. And you know, there is no reaction happening, huh? It just adds flavour. But well, that's just my personal taste anyways, so ... ~shrug~)



- "Food Restore" is translated to "Nahrungsmittel wiederherstellen" (foodstuff restoration). 1st, it's too long. Obviously. 2nd, we are not rebuilding eadibles. We are eating. The original wording being bull, doesn't mean the translation has to be. "Nahrung aufnehmen" or "Nahrungsaufnahme" (food intake).



"Slag" is translated to "Schlacke". Which, yeah, is the right word for slag. Just that this on the picture there is no Schlacke.

Dunno how often i've pointed that one out. But the literal translation of "Slag" in german is "Schlacke". And Schlacke is only, and only only, the byproduct of a smelting process. There is no other meaning of it. Blast furnace slag, soddasay. The poorly made dergs you got as garbage after smelting. That's it. It doesn't make sense to call slag ore, as the basic metal resource that's laying around everywhere, "Schlacke" in german. That would mean someone smelted ore, formed the waste product into boulders and spread it throughout the world. It's just utterly nonsense.
Call it "Mineralerz" (mineral ore) or "Minderwertiges Erz" (inferior ore) "Erzdurchtränktes Gestein" or "Erzgestein" (stone, saturated with ore / ore-stone) or whatever if you need to, but don't call it slag. It just - doesnt - make - sense!

Still not! Even after 5 years!



- "Control Defense" has been translated to "Kontrollverkehr" (Controltraffic).

I don't have the slightest idea why anybody would this in there. This words not only doesn't exist, it also has no meaning at all ... and no connection to "Control Defense" whatsoever. I suppose someone put it in there to see if anybody checks those translations at all. It could have been anything else, i mean ... are we collecting nonsense words? Fine. Bananahorizon! How's that? If someone wants to make fun of us, at least be creative, and write something like Werdasliestistdoof. Thanks.
And yes, I know "Control Defense" is a tough one, but how about "Verteidigung gegen Kontrollfähigkeiten"?




Ok, that's enough for now. I've seen many other issues in this hour, but mostly with smaller implications. A lot of inconsistency issues for example.

Like the char stat tabs are named Combat/Craft/Explore. Translated to Kampf (Combat), Herstellen (Producing), Erforsche (do explore). To be consistent, it had to be Kampf, Herstellung, Erforschung. Kampf/Handwerk/Erkundung would be better anyways, so ... ~shrug~.

There are also many, many issues with crafting.
Some profession names are stupid (like Juwelen-Fertiger instead of Juwelier), or just wrong (like "Nekromantiker" (yeah, very romantic he is indeed...) instead of Nekromant). 
Some wordings must have been found drunk, like Experimentierung for experimentation, which leads to word monsters like Nekromantieexperimentierung-Punkte, which are also non consistent, sometime using a "-" between the words or not, on different positions, or using different profession names in those stat names ... even between stats for the same profession.

But, well, I said that's enough for now.




You know that I love the team and I love Crowfall. Therefore I won't share my personal opinion and current thoughts about this topic. That's unfortunately the best I can do right now.

Yours devastatedly

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Dear all,


here are some of wrong german translation on Page first:

erweise deine Freunde zu Crowfall Kratnog


Chaque ami que vous parrainez et qui s'inscrit avec votre CODE CROW bénéficie d'une réduction de 10 % sur l'achat de tout pack de partenaire financier !


The fat made part is the wrong language ^^. This is france not german. The at the My Guild Clan Members (Clan Mitglieder) there stands Bewerben if i want to Promote a member ^^ The right word would be Befördern.


In Game i got one i am keep in mind and this was the distance is as example 900 min but it should be 900 meters means in german 900 m. Then all text at the tech tree is english. 

If we cut down trees or collect stones there is allways info from XP and it is always 0 XP. 


Think this is all for the first time. There are more fail translations but i would like first to get in game and write some down again. Hope that i can help you a bit that the german communty comes more to this game, because it is not that bad as the translation at the moment ;).


Kind regards,

Kratnog from Twitch.tv/planlosezocker

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On 1/10/2021 at 6:07 PM, Kraahk said:

- "Hide" is translated to "Verstecken". That means hiding (from someone). The correct term would be "Haut" (skin) or better "Tierhaut" (skin from animals).

This sorta thing right here is what I'm talking about. That is some serious Machine Translation thing.

That kind of mistake just cant happen.

I will never forget them translating '(Equipment/Durability) Decay' as 'Decomposing' on our PTBR translation.

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Many thanks to everyone who has responded so far. We're combing through your posts and creating a player feedback report to share with our vendor so that they can improve the quality of the translations. We will continue to monitor this thread for any new posts and will incorporate those responses as well. 

Max Lancaster, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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@MiracleMax I will do a review on the german translation of Crowfall some time soon. I'll make sure to drop my feedback here as well...

I must say, if the german translatio is still in a state where I expect it to be the video might have a a rather comedically style...

If you have an ETA for the new translation to make it in let me know.

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I'm sorry. But I realy have to get this of my chest again: So you are seriously PAYING someone externally to enter the english terms into google translate and send them back to you? I know, I know, you are probably aware of this, but it is unbelievable to me that you are getting ripped off like this....

I'm sorry for being so unsupportive with this particular post, but I have to bring it up again since I just have to believe that must be unaware of the abyssally low quality of the current translation, unless you are just using google translate and pretend to have someone who translates all that. If the later is the case I totally get it and don't want to complain for the reasons that you have given several times now.

To end with a constructive note on this post. I'm looking forward to have a look at the translation soon and give constructive feedback as well as recycle this into an entertaining video.

Edited by CrusaderW
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  • 5 months later...

I'm wondering if there is any current german localization work ongoing at the moment ... or if the current 6.540 is what we are meant to get. There were several overhauls announced - so it would be good to know wether this is still ongoing/coming or if we should report issues again.

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