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Says I dont have enititlements to log in?


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I was a backer form like 2-3 years ago  any input?


am i using the wrong client?  the icon on my desktop says Crowfall live.

When i look at my profile is says

Punahou tester

this is what i copy/pasted from purchase history

Order History

ID Charged Wallet Purchased Status Receipt
1/4/2018, 1:36:38 PM
$49.99 $0.00
  • Patron Backer Pack
Paid Receipt
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I believe there was a certain threshold to qualify for beta 1. I don't recall what the threshold was ($70 maybe?) Not 100% sure where the beta 1 access starts. 

Edit: I'm looking at the current CF store and even the lowest package offers access so I'm not sure why it shows you at 9. Hmm. I would send an email to support@crowfall.com and see what they say. 

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37 minutes ago, punahou said:

As a backer arent I supposed to be in from the get go?

Anyone who has purchased a backer pack should have access.  It sounds like an account error; be sure to contact support@crowfall.com so they can get you fixed up.

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so hopefully this issue has been resolved!  im at work atm but support contacted me and upgraded my status to what i paid for=)

I am very pleased that their response was very prompt!  Hopefully thats an indication of not only their cust service; but also of player feedback re the game.



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