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Fort Timer / Small Guild Hamlets

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Hello, my suggestions after playing the last days.

Changed siege times for Forts from 60 min to 30 min.
Most of the time, the attack on a fort takes place 5 minutes before the end of the siege time.
And as a defender you just stand around and get bored.

Bring small villages/hamlets into play as the basis for small guilds.
These could e.g. only build 3 buildings at rank 1, but have a resurrection point.
That alone no longer spawns in the Temple, but in its own area could motivate many players/small guilds.

The hamlets should be on the outer edge of the map and ideally only have small Wartribe camps nearby.
So that this wouldn't be so interesting for Zergs.

The Hamlets shouldn't have a siege timer either, but should be tied to a keep in the map. So the small guilds would be subject to the guild that owns the keep.
For this, the (small) guild that owns the Hamelt would have to pay a daily sum of gold to the keep.
Out of here you could build a PvP event that the gold per pack pig has to be brought into the keep at a fixed time a day and the pack pig can of course be stolen.

I´m afraid that many small guilds miss out on building the base and living in thier own region.

I miss the huge map from Shadowbane!

Sorry for my bad english :)


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