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Seems reasonable.  Since everything but your GPU is last generation, I'm surprised you are doing that well.  Unless you are willing to buy newer hardware, I'd set everything but your resolution to minimum.  You may get some extra performance that way.  Otherwise, you will have to wait until they optimize things a bit more.  Even with current gen hardware though, you probably wont do much better.  I have a Ryzen 1600x, 16GB 2666 DDR4 RAM, 512SSD, and a 1080ti, and I am not doing much better than you are right now @1920 x 1080 resolution with everything else turned off or all the way down.

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the performance of this game is completely unacceptable. with the chosen graphics style and amount of geometry we should at least see 100+ fps. the devs need to spend some times on optimization or a lot of players won't even consider playing.

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