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The Meta Cartel [META]

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Small gang, big package.
This post, and its motto, is still under development.The Meta Cartel will not be held responsible for any offense, death, or moving back in with your parents resulting from reading this.


We are a mostly PVP trying to be high skill guild interested in absorbing every tiny bit of information in the game, and using that to come up with fun and innovative ways to use comparatively small numbers to win against the odds. We may try new or odd things together if it seems like it will work. That's how you set new Metas.

Many of us stream, and are passionate about building a greater community around the game. If you stream as well, you will find a welcoming home here! With that said, we are serious about playing, and winning. Win some, lose some, but always trying our best.

There's not many rules, but a Meta Cartel member is expected to uphold their word and behave professionally. If you start calling someone a ***** **** god damn ***** *** in general chat you will be kicked faster than the Zohan.

We run mostly nights PST or late EST, bleeding over into AU tz, but are looking to expand. Sound good? Lets go kick some ass together. It shouldn't be so complicated to find a chill guild of people to run with and try to be good at the game. Discord including a microphone is required. 18+


Use the links below to apply, and make a post here once your application is in so we see it!


panel-71023360-image-34beb11a-f8a1-40ae-   Panel Content

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