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Crowfall Beta Build 6.100.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

If you are having issues patching / installing, please make sure to download the latest installer off Crowfall.com and run CFInstaller_Test.exe as an administrator.
You may need to run the Crowfall Client as an Administrator.  If the game closes immediately after launching the Client without receiving a patch, click on the wrench icon to the left of the launch button to repair.



  • RAM costs are running high and may cause crashes at high performance settings.
  • Viewing the Completed Campaigns list in the lobby may cause your client to freeze and crash.
  • You may see a substantial drop in performance with your Skill Tree up while logged into a campaign.



  • In Gods Reach campaigns, the Barracks buildings revert back to their Foundation stage when they are built up to Rank 3 during the Barracks quest.
  • Some Gods Reach locations are missing map pins on zone maps.


Eternal Kingdom

  • If you are logged in to a Public EK while it is made Private, it will break your vessel and prevent you from being able to log it in to any other world.
  • Buildings and Walls may lose textures after being moved.
  • If a noble placed parcel connects 2 other parcels in your EK, removing the noble parcel will cause the other parcel to be isolated so that you cannot reach it.
  • If multiple players try to move a parcel at the same time, it will become invisible to whoever tries to place it last.
  • If a noble removes a building with a vendor and stall attached, it may not pick up the vendor and cause it to permanently break so that it cannot ever be picked up.
  • If an EK owner removes a parcel that a noble is standing on while that noble is in building placement mode, the noble may fall beneath the EK map and see a never ending loading screen.
  • A number of Castle Defense placeables are missing sockets so that they cannot be attached to one another or used properly.
  • If you have placed a parcel in an invalid position, the red shader will appear incorrectly when you move the map.



  • Winter season Victory Card scores may not populate and appear incorrectly on the scoreboard after the campaign has ended (though their points are actually awarded properly, UI issue only).
  • Stronghold Building names are not appearing correctly in your Combat Log or destruction messages.
  • Keep Ward health and nameplates are not displaying correctly.
  • The map tooltips for Wartribe, Refinery, World Bank, and Ruins map pins will incorrectly display Barbarian camp information.
  • You may see siege status UI for the wrong siege location based on your proximity.
  • Guild Crests may appear incorrectly on the siege end banner (blurry and wrong size).
  • The guild trade chest prompts are visible to everyone, even after the parcel has been taken by another guild (however they can only be accessed by owning guild members).



  • If you are disconnected from the chat server, you may not automatically reconnect (you may need to restart your client).
  • The minimize category button (-) in the chat Command List panel is currently unresponsive.



  • Half Elf passive Wildkin’s Retort is not activating correctly.
  • Frostweaver basic attacks will pass through Fort Walls without damaging them or players beyond.
  • The Knight Oath of Protection talent does not improve Block correctly.
  • Knight Chain Pull may pull your target behind you.



  • Fort chest resources are reset when a campaign goes down and back up.
  • NPCs may sink into the ground, where they cannot be killed - if you run into this issue, please report it through the official Bug Reports Forum with a screenshot containing the location coordinates.
  • Keep Ward SFX may persist even when a Ward is not present.
  • The moon appears obscured by a square shape with camera movement.
  • Stronghold walls and buildings may not take damage consistently.
  • Interacting with the Settings menu while logged in to a world may cause the game to briefly hitch or freeze.
  • If mob corpses lay on top of one another, you may only be able to loot one of them (the other will never become lootable).
  • Sun Elf NPCs may attack one another.
  • You are able to remap the TAB key (this should be a restricted key-mapping).
  • Modifying your overall quality settings may cause you to teleport to a random location - if this happens to you, please report through the official Bug Reports Forum.
  • Mobile Banking chests may cause rubberbanding issues.
  • If you force close your client while zoning, when you log back in you may appear underneath the runegate platform.
  • You are unable to damage Ballista using vessel attacks.
  • If you destroy the walls leading up the optional Ward towers, you may be unable to access them - if this happens to you, please report through the official Bug Reports Forum.
  • If you stand right next to the Tree of Life when it is built, you may be teleported away from the Keep.
  • Keep Wall corners may appear as the wrong models when destroyed.
  • Thrall NPCs are missing their spawn and despawn FX.
  • Some grass and plants do not change with the season.
  • Attacking Caravan pigs may put you in combat stance even if nothing around you goes aggro.
  • Weak point harvesting is missing its unique SFX.
  • Sentinel construction phase does not appear correctly (with the construction model).
  • You may become stuck inside of Keep walls if you stand on them during construction.
  • You may not be able to stack multiple of the same discipline in your inventory.
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