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6.100 TEST Bug Reports for 8/28/20

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  • The ranged (offset) camera mode is not working in the current version.  Manually choosing ranged or adaptive camera settings in the options does not cause any change in-game.  Tested on Ranger.
  • While mounted, npc attacks cause some of the character's weapons to orient strangely until combat ends.  Example, bow on wood elf Ranger's back.
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You discovered the secret!

Stoneborn temple guards are all stuck in t-pose. Clicking the settings menu option in-game takes a long time for the options to load. Existing pack pig mount figurines no longer work.

Am I supposed to be able to import my nightmare from purchases? Its not in there.

Confessor LMB attacks new fireball FX seem to travel too slow and move downward toward the targets feet. The damage happens before the effect reaches the target and if you are not targeting anything no fireball FX is produced at all.

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On the map when you put your mouse above any Keep or Fort you are not able to see when is its gonna be open for the siege. Or even when it is currently open for siege. Thus, you have no information about its siege window unless you actually run to it.

I have never claimed any leadership positions in DIS. I express my own thoughts and opinions.

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There is still no option in the settings to reassign the UI button to cycle through comms channels (defaults to the tab key). You can still assign the tab key to another action, though, which means you can still assign the tab key to multiple functions. The solution should be to add an option to reassign the comms channel switching button, under the UI section. (no video)

There's a floating rodent merchant in the keep in Blenden:



There's a chest that looks like another was placed over it and slightly offset, making it difficult to interact with:



Faerie Fire effects drop off the list of active effects once the (aracoix druid) NPC that applied it dies, however the visual FX linger:



Lighting colors look strange and kind of frosted on the grass/ground, typically during low sun/moon-angle times, I think:




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Trying to import all 6-8 testing EK items at the same time gives a prompt "Error/ Connection Lost" with a close game button, and no way around it.  After testing, any combination of 1-5 items at a time gives an error "None of your purchases could be imported at this time.  Please try again later.  Error 500 - Internal Server Error - multiple simultaneous imports".  All my test items now say (REPAIR) at the end of their name.  I don't know if this showed up after I tried importing everything the first time, or if it was present before I tried to import.  This may be an account issue.

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if you zoom in while mounted the zoom will focus the horse instead of the player.

Also if you get attacked while mounted  character get's weird pose with weapons out while mounted. 


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. Neck Slash:  You have now to wait the global CD after usigin berserk/vengence/frenzy before being able to use neck slash even if its a flash cast, same with third basick attack while under the effect of frenzy. 

. Berserk: Several skills like redirect pain, retribution slashing, ecc go throught berserk and you wont get the heal back. 

. Raging Bull: You are not able to save berserk crash with raging bull if you are knocked down.

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Found some bugs for the faction change banner, hopefully it's not a double reporting, the banners for sun/ moon near the tree in the cities are invisible. i took some video clips, but am unable to link.

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Problem whid the gold selling  for empty flask crafted ( if u sell 50 u get close to one million gold)

problem whid quantity new sistem :

u get only 1 empty flask instead of 3 (i think is not intentended)

u get only 1 ambrosia instead of 5  (i think is not intentended)

if u grind stone or minerals , u can't use for create ambrosia

(but if i use old grinded stone and minerals form previus pach it works). 


sry for my bad english :)

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  • Bows on Minotaur don't seem oriented correctly sejQy2u.png
  • I like the new target highlight, but sometimes, ranged attacks still hit targets that you aren't aiming at
  • camera hitches when switching trays, mounting, or dismounting
  • mini-keeps are labeled as forts
  • LoD on some rocks look black from afar
  • This. I like this :)bhybtIT.png
  • 3-Pip and 5-Pip Energetic Harvesting were swapped on the power, but the UI is the same as it was before J6vA69S.pngMpUEVHU.png7viOaE9.png
    • Also, I don't think you can use the 4-pip buff with the 5-pip stam restore. Pretty sure the buff wears off before then
  • Textures don't look better on Very High vs Medium
    • The mount still looks low texture on Very High
  • The recipe for Runic Frostcasters doesn't appear on Codex of Mystical Power, Storm-Forged Manual, or Rune-Forged Compendium. Unless there's another runic book just for Frostcasters, I don't think runic frostcasters are craftable
    • Also, I don't think Treatise of Defense is dropping, could just be bad rng tho
  • Villein doesn't grant the Harvesting Power passive
  • You only need 1 cloth to craft advanced bandages. Maybe disable combine if an optional slot is in-use but doesn't meet the requirements?
  • AI pathing is... not good
  • Cleric hammer VFX spazzes out
  • Hurlbat slow VFX stays on longer than the snare debuff
  • Major Discipline tool-tips snap to the top of the screen, cutting off the top-half of the name
  • The butt end of the tail on the mount is the same color as the horse. Should be black like the tail
  • Sun Elves don't have boss mobs, I don't think.
    • Sune Elf artifacts look like scrolls and don't have unique names
  • There are no mountains in Infected, and the stone pig PoI doesn't have the same amount of wolves, aurochs, and Stone Motherlodes
  • Frostweaver permanent ice disappears after a couple seconds, but their effects are still present
  • Banshee Haunt only lasts for 3 attacks and not the full 15s duration of the debuff
  • Ranged Tray does not offset the reticle



You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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1) neck sash is not a flashcast anymore in my being opinion. you can compare it to flintlock shot for example.
also there are huge delay when you activate it with 3-th LMB under frenzy. you unable to cast it instantly anymore

2) berserker meter looks like still bugged. dmg amount you can store always calculated from max HP. example:
- if you have 8k from 8k HP, it will store from max pool
- if you have 2k from 8k HP left and start berserker it still store from max HP. this mean you will oneshot self in 100% times.
this was working from HP left previously (then vengeance also working as intended)

3) berserker still broken coz there are a couple of dmg sources which goes through berserker:
- thorns
- retribution
and much more I did not test this time.

4) minotaur 360 degree frontal stun immunity still there

5) exposing+plague lord+clean exposed with ultimate
just exposed can be cleaned:

festering wounds (vs berserker and vs vengs the same):
if you cast ultimate you will clean exposed but even during ultimate animation you can get another bers/veng ticks and get back exposed.
I think festering wounds effect should be removed by ultimate.

6) if you are knocked down and press ultimate to prevent berserker crash you will get all crash dmg

7) sometimes free action from escape artist not working. mostly while you are knocked down. check out the end of the video with free action cast


Edited by makkon
add Hithar's video

crowfall pvp makkonMyrmidon statement: rangefall

Discord makkon#8550

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speciality seal cant be experiment anymore and they cannot be failed it's a big interest of this profession for optimisation. Please revert.

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If you press a shortcut to any other window than inventory (or esc) the buffs/debuffs wont move to the right.That means even if I close those windows I wont be able to check the decription of my buffs.

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FX from Treant Stake from Warden can block vision if the player use it on a elevated terrain and is looking down.


considering how it looks on normal terrain it seems that white blob shouldnt even be rendered. The effect seems to be repeated waves so I am not sure why that blob is there. Even if we take into account it will be under terrain isnt that just a waste of resources? Is that actually rendered under the terrain?

Extra POV from the problem:




Here is a print from how it looks on normal terrain (the rings move out and repeat):




Edited by BarriaKarl
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  • During the pig caravan quest as part of the new player experience, the pigs are having a hard time getting up the last slope out of the canyon.  They have to be whistled up the rest of the way.
  • The back wall of the God's Reach keep in behind the barracks (where the practice dummies are) is lined with green orbs (maybe sockets or missing assets or something).
  • Holding block on a knight nullifies all fall damage when hitting the ground.
  • The long distance LoD for birch trees is cut off along the top.
  • When playing a wood-elf ranger, retaliate failed to remove the knockdown status though the animation played correctly.
  • Aracoix assassins are attacking for several seconds before finally leaving stealth.
  • Npc's are often running/leaping/charging in random directions instead of toward the player.
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