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6.100 TEST Feedback for 8/28/20

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6.100 TEST Patch Notes and Known Issues

Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to TEST Bug Reports

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

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The multiple crafting is a welcome addition, but it falls short of where it's needed the most, like food (especially bon tippers).  The up and down arrows are nice, but a box to type a quantity would

The possibility to craft mutiple of basic item at once is a great improvement, but its would be far more great if instead of having to click 20+ times on an small arrow we could have a slider or could

Today i tried the new crafting system and the system is broken, boring and i'm crying. i made some craft to test : we get lower stats. Then i realized than we got 100 accuracy, this is not fun

On the Embargo "quest" in the player spawn area, you misspelled "out" as "our." I also think it would be helpful to show pictures of the different outposts for newer players. Maybe 2 for keeps, or explain the difference between medium and full keeps. You could also add a picture of the War Table in the appropriate quest line, like you did in GR. I would also show a screenshot of the Home Vault and Skills are and maybe show an example of importing or exporting. I know people in guilds will have this explained a little easier to them. I am just think of true new players and the LCD to make it as friendly as possible. So far, I am loving the new look and added information. Keep up the great work!

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The quest to add the granite boulder to the barracks still updates without actually adding the boulder.

And the quest to use the war table doesn't require you to add the ingot.

Edited by Arkade
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Only a few of the cooking recipes have the new amount option. All of the cooking recipes should have it, as none create unique items. 

We should also be able to enter the amount, rather than having to click on the arrows to change it. You've just replaced one set of clicks with another.

I realize that stacking is an issue, and probably why you've done it this way. We should be able to stack more stuff in the UI than we can in the inventory. At the very least, change it so we can hold down LMB on the arrow, rather than needing to click it to raise it by 1 every time.

Edited by Arkade
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In combat, you will now see a red outline around your current target.




- large over head health bar 

- left of reticle target curved health (& barrier on right)

- huge health bar of target at top of screen

As predicted: mounts don't gel with the already problematic over head display clutter (faction shield, health, name).

Up close this info is hidden inside the mount model


Far away it covers the mount model (cos these elements have no scaling).


Let alone the display when players mount jump...



Previous visual noise suggestions https://community.crowfall.com/topic/27979-long-standing-visual-noise-issues/?do=findComment&comment=465210

Large groups already look bad enough already, can't wait to see how messy a guild mobilising via mount will look...

Edited by Tinnis
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The new "quest" line in infected needs work. There's no mention of the Shadow ruleset, and some of the things that aren't applicable to Infected, like city building, aren't specified as such. Players are going to be confused when they can't do these things in infected. There is a vendor in the infected keeps that sells the deeds, that can't be placed in the keep. The quest also mentions that inventory will be dropped on death, but that doesn't apply to infected either.

And you guys really, really need a proofreader. There are numerous missing words and misspellings. 

Edited by Arkade
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The possibility to craft mutiple of basic item at once is a great improvement, but its would be far more great if instead of having to click 20+ times on an small arrow we could have a slider or could just type the desired number.


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  • The multiple crafting is a welcome addition, but it falls short of where it's needed the most, like food (especially bon tippers).  The up and down arrows are nice, but a box to type a quantity would be even better.
  • Now that mounts are properly implemented, I'd like to see an automatic dismount when trying to use any combat power, or try to change a tray.
  • I'd like to see the walk key affect mounts, as well.
  • I'm not a fan of the new Duelist Impale "wave" effect.  Not at all.  It doesn't fit the style of the power;  it implies it's a cone aoe of some kind, which isn't at all true.
  • The new lighting model is huge visual improvement.
  • We're all still looking forward to that quick yes/quick no option for selling or buying items from vendors.
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I really think you guys should just create an in-game Help menu that explains everything about the game, and whenever the NPE introduces a feature, it should tell you to read the Help menu for more info. Like, when the NPE tells you to harvest the ML, the quest (or one of those tutorial popups) should say, "Want to learn more about harvesting? Go to Help > Harvesting" and there it'll explain everything from Energetic Harvesting, Plentiful Harvesting, Beneficial Harvesting, how critical harvests work, etc. Or when the NPE tells you to craft the ring, you get told, "Want to know more about crafting? Go to Help > Crafting", and it'll explain Assembly, Experimentation, resource combinations, etc. Everything. For every feature in the game. I think a lot of these features are too complex to be told simply in the NPE and are too involved to expect casual players to just bumble their way through. The NPE does a great job at introducing a feature, but does a terrible job at explaining the intricacies of said systems, and the intricacies are the bread and butter of some of these systems.



You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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-new map UI is better but, north is still not toward top of the screen, many players asked for that

-many craft lost their experimentation, i hope it's temporary cause of the new multiple crafting system

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The new world map is a downgrade in both readability and function.

The low contrast nameplates combined with the way they overlap with dark animated borders on an already muddy background gives me eye strain trying to read basic stuff like the name of a zone.

The shiny animated double lines for runegate links are a cacophony of visual noise that makes it far harder to understand what is linked where at a glance.

The map still has zero indication which runegate links to which runegate on the other side. It is still a guessing game every time you have two runegates to the same zone. Neither the mpa nor the runesgates themselves offer any indication where they go other than "to one of the 2 runegates in the target zone, good luck guessing which one"

There was nothing wrong with the previous world map UI. I don't know why you want to mess with it, but this new art direction is terrible as seems designed to assault the senses with animated effects and shades of blue rather than actually give me an idea of how gates are linked together and what the zone names and types are.

The island iminimaps that don't actually represent the islands on the dark blue background look like temporary art complete with what appears to be bad alpha borders at the bottom. The more abstract versions on the previous map look far nicer.

Please stop adding pointless embellishments and changes to already clean and attractive interfaces. If the UI artists are bored, have them work on art for the tutorials that is more descriptive and helpful for new players, or work on removing some of the bloat from the ingame UI like the GIANT unit portraits that serve no purpose other than to make the UI bigger.

If you MUST jazz up the world map, keep the background overlay and reduce the opactiy of it by like 50% at least, and add more detailed mouse over information.


The changes to the zone map are wonky and buggy.

What is a barbarian camp, why do they have 12 different icons, and why does everything think it is a level 0 barbarian camp? Id war tribe camps are now supposed to be barbarian camps, why is the old icon still on the map?

Did you do something to the zone map to make it darker? It was already a giant pain to try and figure out map coordinates with no widget to describe cursor position. It seems even harder to read the low contrast coordinate letters and numbers that I had to zoom all the way out and slide the map around to read in the first place. This could be my imagination, but I tried comparing two screenshots and the new map seems to have like twice to opacity on the background and clouds or something. Or maybe I just have PTSD from the heavy handed vignette on the world map, I don't know.

Edited by PopeUrban


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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Frost Weaver Ice : 

All manifested Ice :Stable, Cooling Ice and Frigid Ice disappear after mere seconds.  You can only place 3 before they start disappearing.

Edit : 

The Frigid and Volatile Ice doesn't hit moving targets what so ever.
Mana is a huge issue, the class as Guard and Mage feels broken

Edited by Soulreaver

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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7 hours ago, Jah said:

I liked being able to kill guards outside siege windows.


I would have to agree, especially when they can hit you back i dont think it fair that you can be hit and you cant hit back :P

I also dont think forts/keeps should be 100% safe spot you should be safer but i think it be nice if u could break/disable walls with siege equipment outside of siege hours and raid the place however the wall should repair overtime by themself or super cheap with resources, right before seiges all enemies should get evicted in some way before hand though to prevent city camping before seige starts either via forced teleportation or a Parcel wide aoe that 100% dmg after a warning timer.
I miss darkfall when you could be chilling in your city and suddently the guard tower shoots something and your getting raided :) you can kinda do it atm with fae gliding but i think another way to get in and force a fight would be nice (Would consider weaker guards during out of seige times aswell.

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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Mighty shield slam from shield fighter is broken and doesnt do the extra dmg from the stamina conversion, which isnt good when it leaves you with no stamina and deals 200 dmg :P wording is it inflicts 32 Damage bonus per stamina spent +97% Crushing dmg. Might be a type and spose to be 3.2 per point but its way to low for leavbing your self vunerable if thats the case :P

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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I find the new crafting quantity up/down arrows to be too small and I have to pixel hunt a bit to click them reliably.  I ain't gettin' any younger, huh?

The system on the whole feels pretty good (for an 11th hour addition), and has sped up crafting dramatically (especially for armor and weapons).  I'll leave it to the nerds to figure out how the removal of experimentation on bars, planks, etc. has affected stats and itemization. 

I would like to see it expanded to include all items without unique stats, like all food items (bon tippers, c'mon), basic and intermediate tools, campfires, and components like parchment paper.

Edited by Hyriol
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