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Secutor blocking buff bug

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Posting this here for knight afficianados -

@ ACE - and all knights.

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I noticed something was off about Secutor since the beta updates.

The 75% reduction in stamina usage from the Secutor buff Oath of Protection does not work properly. The stat sheet shows a change in the Blocking: Cost Multiplier stat to -.75 but the usage of stamina while blocking is negligible if at all. A simple use of a stop watch will show this. 

I timed holding block with and with out the buff, and with a 130 stamina character, for both times my block held for ~ 22 seconds.

My guess is that one of your programmer goofed and instead of applying the stat buff multiplicatively ( Stamina usage x 0.25) they applied it additively or something (stamina usage -0.75) or something else odd. I have no doubt this is the case because so many buffs with percentage modifiers have been implemented inconsistently - just look at the stat sheet. Some say %75 and some are decimal 0.75. This secutor buff is a percentage based thing so I am quite sure it is screwed up because of that.

But I could tell something was strange regardless of looking at the stats when playing a secutor for the first time in like 5 months - in that when blocking while having my buff up, I was losing stamina way faster than I was expecting. Simply because - it is not working.

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