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Campaign setting "The Shadows" and State of Crowfall.

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  • The Shadow world setting need to be a lot different compare to Infected & Dregs like Free for All (FFA) type of sandbox environment similar to Ark survival envolved, and the world maybe need to be permanent like God`s Reach, because I feel the state of Crowfall really lack in game features to caught my interest with a small guild, and personal interest and achievement is within this game. So the Shadows will be crucial for small scale guilds and lone wolf players, and I know many players will feel the exact same thing, because the current state of Crowfall is not in a good place and it really lack in game features in general related to small scale PvE & PvP world events with some risk involved.
  • Legendary items need start dropping with an "Event" notice to alert active players who are gear hunting. A campaign should never be all about collecting points with a card system who own most keeps & Forts. It is a survival map which should add player activity with personal goals & conflict events outside of a siege window to promote PvP. 
  • A siege is important, but it need more activity on the map in off hours. Warcamps is not enough @Tyrant- just imagine all the players who won`t bother with Dregs & campaign card & point system.
  • So personal achievements and goals are neglected and ignored at the moment with the current Crowfall settings in Infected & Dregs. What a player can do is really limited at the moment and it won`t be a long term success without more depth for all kind of players who are going to get involved in this game. Because the point card system is not a rank BR system for guilds and factions so hard to recruit professional players who are going to invest a lot of time into this and professional org. like C9 in Valorant or TSM in league of legends.    
  • Harvesting need to be a thing in the shadows, because that is usually a duo or solo activity to create small scale events in the world hunting for rare resources to craft legendary quality items with high end nodes, and the shadows setting also need to involve legendary item drops to get us interested outside of a GvG/faction campaign setting.

It is closed beta, but in game features start to be important in CF and think about different player styles within your MMO and current state of the game need to improve before soft launch. 


Crowfall Game Client: https://www.crowfall.com/en/client/

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I disagree that Shadows needs to be a permanent map. Infected is a permanent map. If people want to pvp over nothing for no end goal, that campaign already exists. Campaigns are competitions to be won, and there is no reason Shadows should be any different. There is no reason to cut off all those small guilds and solo players from the central systems of crowfall.

Does shadows need some special consideration compared to dregs? Absolutely.

We've seen the negative effects of doing stuff like letting people pick their own factions, or "top X players per faction" rewards. You'll probably need some form of automated load balancing that at least attempts to even out the teams somehow.

We know that you can't just copy/paste the dregs city systems over because faction have no central leadership or planning mechanism to make decisions about what buildings to place. You'll probably need to pre-determine the building placements.

We know that certain landless cards or certain small guild focused objectives won't work in the context of factions as everyone is intentionally and by default landed and of similar size factions so some new or changed cards need to replace the dregs cards on deck.

We know that the current fort chest model won't work as the chest loot can't be realistically expected to be spread equitably among everyone that worked to take or hold the fort. Some new model of fort resource rewards has to replace it, or some other incentive has to be given to forts.

There is a ton of stuff to work through to translate the divine favor system to a functioning model for Shadows, but throwing the baby out with the bath water isn't an answer. If players were willing to contest POIs for nothing they'd already be doing it in infected. By and large they aren't, and don't seem to care about these objectives because they learn there are campaign systems with meat and variety, and a throne war they can win, which is theoretically what they've signed up for if the marketing has done its job.

These players aren't averse to campaigns. They're averse to campaigns they can't win without also subbing to players they don't know, don't trust, and may be culturally incompatible with in terms of playstyle. That doesn't  mean they should haven't have a throne war they can win.


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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