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I've followed templars for awhile now ever since their 'never die' inception and followed the nerf train that hit it over and over.  Hate to say it, I have my own company IRL and I know when to cut my loses and walk away from a relationship.  This might be one of those times.  This class just isn't interesting to play anymore, doesn't do anything particularly well anymore and the game play is a bit slow and plotting.  I really did try my hardest.  It was cool running about Plate Armor and a 2h sword for a bit let's face the facts, there are better more interesting choices to be had.  Kinda felt like the game play really didn't evolve too much for these guys.   

TBH I think Divine Light was the biggest crutch.  Everything was about that ability it seemed or how overly OP it seemed in some situations but was kinda useless in a practical sense.

I'm not saying Templars should go the way of the Stalker and Legionaire but even in the best of niche roles for them, there are much better durable choices.

Best of luck, I'll drop in from time to time but I think Mordhau is what I was really looking for from the start.  


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@Vesperre Understandable. Just make sure to drop by when 6.2 comes. The Devs said there will be groundbreaking changes in promos, discs, and talents. "the meta would change drastically".

I myself am kinda taking a break 'till then. Not much to test and no fun to a unguilded guy.

I really hope 6.2 bumps most classes to a playable state. This 6 good promo only meta is a disappointment.

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