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So what bugs are bannable?

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Alright so let me do this a different way. If the stealth bug is a bannable offense, what else is a bannable offense? Will i get banned for using a vengeance myrm? What about if im playing a slayer an

Where do I report Vanguard Scouts having a permanent invisibility bug? I've never seen them. 😄

IMO even in beta with all the bugs that exist ACE shouldn't be trigger pulling bans without warning. Communicate clearly to the player, "hey, it looks like you're using a bug we haven't fixed, st

2 minutes ago, doomstove said:

I just posted about this, my combat log is the same.  I exposed, GFBd, got hit by Scalding and he died.  EDIT: Looks like you also got gibbed by it, as well.  Not sure, it's just the normal opener for a VGS.  I thought you guys just melted cause you were on lowbies.  Seems like a bug with GFB?

he was lvl 30, Nil, Swag, Myself all went from 100% to 0% w no logs and nothing to see on dmg. 



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